WWE’s Liv Morgan says she has a ‘torn shoulder’

Liv Morgan has commented on the shoulder injury she suffered last month. 

Morgan revealed Sunday during a live stream of UpUpDownDown that her shoulder is torn. She was commenting on playing against Mansoor rather than Ma.ce in Street Fighter VI when she said:

"I'm sitting at home with my torn shoulder and I'm like, 'I'm really excited to win the UpUpDownDown championship, I'm really excited to beat Ma.ce' and his kid just so happened to have a recital. I would like to see footage of this recital, I'm just saying. So you sent your friend out and even with one shoulder, I'm still going to beat you," Morgan said.

"I wasn't going to miss this for the world. One shoulder, no shoulder, it doesn't matter," she continued. 

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Our own Dave Meltzer commented on Morgan's injury in the May 29 edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. He also noted it was not clear how this could impact her recent casting in a film based on Mildred Burke. 

Meltzer wrote:

Morgan had a shoulder injury that ended up worse than originally expected. There was word that she may require surgery, but that wasn’t a given and no word how that affects her planned role in a movie on Mildred Burke

Morgan had been expected to play Clara Mortensen in the film while Charlotte Flair was cast as June Byers. Filming of the movie is set to begin next month. 

Dakota Kai also tore her ACL in the same match. Meltzer described what happened leading to both injuries in an update the following week. 

"The word was that [Dakota Kai] was injured after Morgan suffered her shoulder injury and the knee injury came in a spot where she knew Morgan was hurt and was trying to protect her," Meltzer said. 

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