WWE Thoughts & Stuff From a Nine-Year Old Kid + Another Prize Giveaway

The following piece is written by my 9-year old son; please take that into consideration when emailing him feedback, thanks!

Hey guys, I’m back with my next column. It’s already my third one! Thanks to everyone who read my previous columns! Today I will talk about Raw, Smackdown and some other stuff.

– Two weeks ago on Raw, Roman Reigns said that it should be less than 20 minutes to beat a rookie like Jason Jordan. But this week on Raw, it seemed like Roman took longer than Cena did to beat Jason Jordan!

– Braun Strowman keeps beating up Brock Lesnar in the same way that Goldberg did! Will Braun Strowman win the Universal title the same way in a quick match?

– Before the John Cena and Braun Strowman match even started, I knew it wouldn’t be a regular match where someone pins the other person because that would be a good match and why would Kurt Angle put it on Raw instead of a pay per view?

– There’s nothing else on Raw that I can talk about so I will move onto Smackdown!

– The New Day won the tag team titles again. I would never even imagined them winning in that match!

– They showed Ronda Rousey by ringside. I have heard her name before but I don’t know who she is but maybe she will come to Smackdown one day after Asuka goes to Raw?

– Tye Dillinger was better on NXT than he is on Smackdown Live so I think he deserves a push and then start a rivalry with Rusev.

– Vince McMahon has turned to Shane McMahon’s side it seems even though last time he never really liked Shane. But whose side will Triple H be on? Because he helped Kevin Owens win the title on Raw but he’s married to Stephanie and Stephanie is on Vince’s side.

– Oh by the way, two weeks ago on Smackdown when Shane McMahon attacked Kevin Owens, he threw Kevin out of the ring and went out himself but almost tripped! I thought that was funny!! Go back and watch that to see what I mean!

– Before I thought that the Hype Bros will break apart by Mojo Rawley but now from the match against Shelton Benjamin and Chad Gable, they shook hands except for Zack Ryder so it seems like Zack will turn heel.

– Another thing I want to talk about is how long Raw and Smackdown are. They both start 6:00 and Raw ends at 9:00 and Smackdown at 8:00 and I’m not able to watch it all since my bedtime is at 9 and my parents never let me watch the whole show all at once.

– So then I have to record and watch it another day but I have school, so I watch a little bit each day or I wait until the weekend but that’s also tough since we have to do other stuff. And when there is a pay per view on Sunday, I like to watch the kickoff and the whole PPV and that’s even more hard to do.

– Since the pay per views are Sundays, the day after is Raw, so I can’t watch that either because I haven’t watched the pay per view yet and I don’t wanna know what happened! Sometimes I fall behind by like 3 or 4 shows and my Dad always tells me to just watch the last one and delete all of the rest and I never do it! I wish they put Smackdown back on Thursday but it is just hard to watch everything!

– Does anyone know where I can find a Baron Corbin wrestling figure? I need him and I check Wallmart every time I’m there and can’t find him anywhere!! Email me if you know!

That’s all I will write about this week! Please send me emails to sujal@rajah.com and follow my WWE Instagram page at @wwesujal. My Dad said that I can give one person who emails me a WWE t-shirt so if you want one, email me!!! Whoever gives me the best ideas, I will pick them!

As we continue to celebrate rajah.com turning 20 years old, we are giving away another WWE t-shirt (or other memorabilia) this week. As noted above, Sujal is going to just pick one random person who emails him as the winner. He didn’t mention it above, but I think he appears to be running out of steam after three columns and is looking for some ideas on what to write about.

Stay tuned for additional giveaways and we’re thinking of culminating our 20-year celebration in December by awarding a WWE championship belt or some other equivalent prize worth about $500 to one lucky winner!

For those interested in the trivia two weeks ago, the winner was Jesse Kennedy from Louisville, KY who won a Kevin Owens t-shirt from WWE Shop.

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