WWE releases long-awaited ‘Superfan: The Story of Vladimir’ documentary

A long-awaited WWE documentary has finally seen the light of day.

"Superfan: The Story of Vladimir" is now available to stream on Peacock/WWE Network. The documentary is focused on Vladimir Abouzeide, a passionate WWE superfan based in New York City who became known to wrestlers and viewers through sitting in the front row at WWE events.

Here's the description for the documentary:

The life story of Vladimir Abouzeide, one of the most devoted and recognizable fans in WWE history, who came to Manhattan from Haiti as a child and quickly found his passion for living through sports-entertainment.

The documentary was originally announced in 2021 and was supposed to premiere that summer, but it wasn't released until now. There were multiple WWE documentaries around that time that were either canceled or reworked, including a Lex Luger WWE Icons documentary that was reworked into a Biography: WWE Legends episode for A&E.

Abouzeide was named WWE's first-ever officially certified superfan in 2021. He was presented with an award while attending WrestleMania 37.

In 2022, MLW honored Abouzeide with a "King of All Superfans" award.

WWE's trailer for the "Superfan" documentary can be seen below:

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