WWE NXT Roadblock live results: Roxanne Perez vs. Meiko Satomura

Roxanne Perez faces off with a legendary challenger on tonight's special edition of NXT.

NXT Roadblock features an NXT Women's Championship match between Perez and Meiko Satomura. It will be the second time they've ever faced each other, with Satomura defeating Perez on NXT last September.

A grudge match will also take place as Gigi Dolin battles her former Toxic Attraction tag team partner Jacy Jayne. Toxic Attraction imploded with Jayne turning against Dolin last month.

Shawn Michaels will make an appearance, joining Grayson Waller on a new edition of The Grayson Waller Effect. Waller has been causing chaos in recent weeks after feeling disrespected by Michaels and NXT management.

A new match type will make its debut as Dijak and Tony D'Angelo face off in a Jailhouse Street Fight. NXT Champion Bron Breakker teams up with The Creed Brothers against Jinder Mahal & Indus Sher, and Andre Chase goes one-on-one with Joe Gacy.

Our live coverage starts at 8 p.m. Eastern time.


Opening the show is a pre-tape featuring "Tiffany's Epiphanies" hosted by Tiffany Stratton. She runs down the card and gives her thoughts. At Roadblock, all roads lead to Stand & Deliver in Los Angeles over WrestleMania weekend.

Kicking off the show live from the sounstage at the Performance Center is a gimmick match where the loser gets locked in a cell. 

Tony D'Angelo (with Channing "Stacks" Lorenzo) defeats Dijak in a Jailhouse Street Fight

The rules are similar to a ambulance or casket match, except the prop is a cell. D'Angelo wins by putting Dijak into a cell and shutting the door. The match also played out like a WWE-style street fight. Other punder is used, like metal folding chairs, tables, a crowbar and such. 

Dijak piles chairs into the ring just before the show is ready to take its first commercial break. Dijak goes to the top rope, but the chairs come back to bit him. D'Angelo cuts him off with a chair shot, and D'Angelo then suplexes Dijak off the top rope onto a pile of chairs in the ring.

Dijak turns the tables during a picture-in-picture break. He also sets up an actual table during the break, much to the delight of the live studeo audience. They chanted for tables earlier in the match. 

Upon the show returning from the break, Dijak springboards off the top rope into a flying elbow drop on D'Angelo, who is laid out on the table. The table crumbles to pieces. Highlight reel type of spot.

Stacks interferes at one point, looking to help D'Angleo. That backfires when D'Angelo throws Dijak into the cell, and Dijak takes Stacks as a hostage. D'Angelo cannot bring himself to close the cell on Dijak while Dijak is choking out his charge. This allows Dijak to escape the cell, and he then boots Stacks in the face.

D'Angelo fights back, and he fires up on Dijak. Chairs shots by D'Angelo as Dijak feeds him his back. Low blow by Dijak to turn the tide. Dijak executes his Feast Your Eyes finisher, and Dijak goes to drag D'Angelo into the cell. Dijak is able to shut the door when Stacks throws himself in the way. Stacks takes Feast Your Eyes, and he is out. 

The save by Stacks allows D'Angelo to recover, and D'Angelo gets up swinging a crowbar. Dijak eats shots from the crowbar, and D'Angelo slams the door in Dijak's face to win the match.

Really good babyface promo by NXT Women's Champion Roxanne Perez in an interview with McKenzie Mitchell. Perez says beating a legend like Meiko Satomura means as much to her as winning the title altogether. Perez vows to leaving everything in the ring in trying to defend her title tonight.

Gallus and Pretty Deadly are face-to-face

NXT Tag Team Champions Gallus, dressed in street clothes, are heading to the ring to call out Pretty Deadly for a face-to-face meeting. Instead, Pretty Deadly appears on a perch overlooking the ring.

There is bantering back and forth, which leads to Pretty Deadly to challenge Gallus to defend their titles against them. Gallus takes off the straps, and they lay the belts into the ring. They dare Pretty Deadly to come take them.

Pretty Deadly charges to the ring, and Gallus cleans house. Gallus makes short work of Pretty Deadly, and Gallus boots them out of the ring. Pretty Deadly sure looked like geeks here. Nonetheless, this somehow sets up a tag title match for next week on NXT. The match is made official later in the show.

A vignette hypes Ilja Dragunov in his feud with JD McDonagh.

Dragon Lee in his NXT debut is seen in the front row at ringside. He waves to the crowd, and the announces put him over. 

NXT Champion Bron Breakker, Julius Creed & Brutus Creed defeated JInder Mahal, Veer & Sanga in a six-man tag team match

Brutus Creed pins Veer to win this trios bout. It was a slobberknocker by the end. 

Lumbering giants and hoss fights early on. The trios bout then goes through a commercial break. Just before the split screen break, Breakker and the Creeds jump over the ropes with a flip dive trifecta. Suddenly, a lumbering match looks more like Fantastica Mania. 

Heat on Julius Creed, and he is being worked over as the show returns from the break. Meanwhile, Carmelo Hayes is now at the announe desk for surprise guest commentary. Hot tag to Brutus, but he is soon cut off. Brutus quickly comes back with feats of strength. Breakker does a moonsault, and Julius follows with a 2 Cold Scorpio 450 splash. 

The teams trade near falls. Near fall as Veer saves Sanga from taking a pin. Indus Sher does the old Demoltion finisher, but that pinning attempt is also broken up. Amid a melee, Breakker delivers some spears. Veer strikes to take out Breakker. 

The Creeds double team Veer, and he is placed in a Doomsday Device. Brutus then leaps off the top rope wth a cannoball on Veer, and Brutus covers Veer for a three count.

A promotional tie-in with Progressive insurance highlights the toxic feud between Gigi Dolan and Jacy Jayne.

Johnny Gargano returns to NXT on The Grayson Waller Effect with special guest Shawn Michaels

Waller welomes viewers "to the most important Grayson Waller Effect of all time." He gets right into it as Waller introduces Shawm Michaels. Full entrance for HBK, as he dances on stage dressed like he is going to a country music awards show. The crowd sings HBK's theme, and they chant his name. He is over huge of course.

Michaels sits down with Waller behind a desk. Waller starts with a zinger about Bret Hart. Michaels asks Waller what is his problem with Michaels. Waller says Michaels is doing to Waller what Vince McMahon did to Michaels — he is holding him back. Huge eye roll.

Waller keeps accusing Michaels of holding him down. Michaels scoffs at that, and Michaels says Waller is not "the guy" because Waller lost at Vengeance Day. Michaels tells Waller to look in the mirror.

Waller claims the only reason Micahaels is in charge of NXT is becuase his friend Hunter had a heart attack. Shots fired! Michaels deflects that zinger, with Shawn saying he stepped in to help out his friend. 

Michaels tells Waller to get something straight — Triple H used to run NXT, but HBK is steering the ship now. Waller responds by saying that ship is headed into an iceberg. Waller rants some more about how he is being held back. 

Michaels says Waller is a part of NXT, but only a part. Waller does not take this well. He sarcastically asks Michaels when did he suddenly become a team player. HBK admits during his active career it was all about him, but Michaels says that changed the moment he walked into NXT. HBK felt this place was special.

Waller gets up and mocks Michaels. He rants about being tired of this place, and Waller runs down the NXT brand. Michaels finally has enough, and he shouts "ENOUGH!" Head coach Shawn suddenly morphs fully into The Heartbreak Kid as Michaels proceeds to cut a promo on Waller.

HBK can handle someone running down his name, but he will not allow Waller to run down the NXT brand. Waller asks HBK if that pisses him off, and HBK says it does. Waller then dares HBK to do something about it. Michaels takes off his jacket and says nothing more would make him happy that kicking Waller's ass. But there is someone else who wants to kick Waller's ass even more than HBK.

Michaels introduces a returing Johnny Gargano as Waller's opponent for Stand & Deliver. "Johnny Wrestling" is back in NXT to defend the honor of the brand. Gargano rushes into the ring and he peppers Waller with punches. Waller powders.

Gigi Dolan defeated Jacy Jayne

Dolan pinned Jayne, and Jayne attacks Dolan after the match to get her heat back.

They had a wrestling match to settle a blood feud. Granted, they brawled and worked hard, but this was anticlimatic. Escpeially considering the build to this match and the other gimmicks used on this show, this grudge match never felt intense enough.

Jayne gets the heat on Dolan as the live studo audience seems to mostly sit on their hands. There is some chants and such, but there seems to be a clear lack of energy. Dolan eventually fights back, and she counters Jayne with a curcifix bomb to score a pinfall on Jayne.

Jayne jumps Dolan after the match to get her heat back. Jayne gets a folding chair, and they tease Pillmanizing Jayne's neck. Referees pour into the ring to break up the post-match beatdown. 

A reoccuring skit on the show has Josh Briggs finally agreeing with Fallon Henley that Kaina James is cheating on Brooks Jensen. Henley knows just what to do about it.

Main event made for Stand & Deliver

NXT Champion Bron Breakker comes out in what is sold as an impromptu segment. Breakker comes to the ring and grabs a microphone. Breakker addresses the main event of Stand & Deliver, and he calls out Carmelo Hayes.

Out comes Hayes to confront Breakker in the ring. This leads to them both agreeing to a title match at Stand & Deliver. 

Tyler Bate is doing breathing exercises with Thea Hail in a backstage skit. Bate is helping Hail overcome her trauma. Andre Chase is happy to hear it is helping Hail. However, Duke Hudson is not buying it.

Joe Gacy (with Ava & The Dyad) defeated Andre Chase (with Duke Hudson & Thea Hail) 

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The match begins during a commercial break and is joined in progress. Silly gimmicks aside, Chase and Gacy have a good match.

Hail is trying to do her breathing exercises, but she suddenly explodes with rage. Hail storms over to Ava and screams at her. Ava just smirks at Hail, but Hail has apparently overcome her fear.

While Hail might have overcome fear, her antics at ringside distracts Chase. He takes the Upside Down from Gacy, and Gacy covers Chase for a pinfall. 

Hudson's explodes in a backstage skit, and there is turmoil within Chase U. Hudson says they aren't a university, they are a joke.

Isla Dawn and Alba Fyre are practicaing witchcraft, or something like that. 

Another open challenge next week for NXT North Amercian Champion Wes Lee.

NXT Women's Champion Roxanne Perez defeated Meiko Satomura to retain her title

Perez pinned Satomura in a great match. Although Perez retains, she is unconsious after the match in an injury angle. In a takeoff of an angle with Shawn Michaels on Raw in the mid-90s, Perez takes a number of shots to the head. That leads into the injury angle after the match.

After the ring introductions, the match begins during a split-screen commercial break. The bout is joined in progress when the show returns from the break. 

Satomura works a leg, but Perez is able to counter. Satomura plays subtle heel. Perez shows a ton of fire as she fights a mentor. Proverbially turning of the tables as Perez uses a dragon screw to target Satomura's leg.

Perez fires up on Satomura, showing even more fire. Perez avoids Satomura's finisher, and Perez leaps through the ropes with a dive outside the ring. They go on to tease a superplex and other spots on the top rope. Satomura goes for a splash, but Perez gets her knees up.

Satomura cuts off Perez with a lots of kicks. They trade near falls and they trade strikes down the home stretch. Combos and and a Saito suplex by Satomura, but Perez kicks out. Satomura uses a Death Valley Driver, and Satomura follows with a signature falling kick. Yet, Perez valiantly kicks out again. 

The fight spills onto the apron, and they trade strikes and kicks. They fight on the floor, and Perez goes for Pop Rocks. Satomura blocks it somehow, and Satomura delivers a kick on the floor. Perez is rolled back into the ring, where she gets a foot on the bottom rope to break a count.

Satomura goes for her Scorpio Rising finisher, but Perez counters to roll up Satomura for a three count. Perez withstood the onslaught and retains her title. Perez is motionless as she lays face down in the ring. She is unconious as referees pour into the ring. 

Booker T leaves the announce desk to check on Perez. Medical staff and referees tend to Perez as Satomura is in tears. Perez leaves on a stretcher. Shawn Michaels also comes out to check on Perez as she is taken to a waiting ambuance. Michaels is fittingly involved in an on-screen role with the injury angle, as he starred in a similar cliffanger years ago. The show closes with Perez being loaded into an ambulance. 

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