WWE Main Event results: Charlie Dempsey returns, Nathan Frazer debuts

Last week's WWE Main Event was taped at the Enterprise Center in St. Louis, Missouri, before Monday’s WWE Raw. This week featured a debut and a return from two NXT stars.

Bronson Reed defeated Nathan Frazer (4:31)

This was what you would expect with Reed absolutely dominating with Frazer managing to looked good in his main roster debut.

They gave the debutante an inset promo on his way to the ring. He told us to watch carefully because blink and we’d miss it. He certainly has time on his side. At the age of 24 and having been around NXT UK and then the main NXT roster the last year, Frazer has a great deal to offer.

It was all Reed in this one. Frazer could barely get him off his feet, but he finally did, getting some shine with a cool springboard dropkick that toppled him. A sweet standing moonsault got a two count, but that was about as much as Reed could take or Frazer could muster.

In the end, Frazer missed a charge and Reed nailed him with a power bomb. Reed then came off the top rope with his splash they they are now calling the Tsunami. I’m sure at some point that’s a name they’ll have to ban.

Shelton Benjamin (w/ Cedric Alexander & MVP) defeated Charlie Dempsey (7:24)

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This was Dempsey's first match back since a mid-January Main Event when he was defeated by Dexter Lumis.

Benjamin and Dempsey gelled well here and put together a really good match with some really creative spots.

This won’t be for everyone’s taste since it involved a lot of intricate mat work, but, for me, it was far more interesting than what we usually get on Main Event. Dempsey is a little bit special and certainly offers something different than most of the guys on the main roster do.

After Dempsey got the better of Benjamin in the first half, they came back from commercial with Dempsey clamping in a hammerlock on the mat. Benjamin kept rolling through trying to break it, but Dempsey kept changing the torque and reapplying pressure.

When Benjamin tried to power out of the submission hold with a gut-wrench powerbomb, Dempsey just hammered away, clubbing Benjamin’s left shoulder so he had to drop him.

Dempsey went for a very cool looking bridging pin, where even the ref sold how unusual it looked, taking a moment to realize it was a cover before he counted the two.

After Dempsey landed some European uppercuts, both men looked out on their feet. The veteran blocked another strike and hit Dempsey with a high knee before nailing him with Paydirt for the win.

Final Thoughts:

It was good to see a fresh face this week and even better to see Dempsey back in action on Main Event. They could do both of these matches again next week and I would be more than happy. Dempsey needs some careful handling as with the wrong person in gorilla, he could easily get buried. 

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