WWE Live Event Results (5/28/16) – Winnipeg, MB

Thanks to rajah.com reader Darren Thompson for sending this in!

Hi Rajah. These are the WWE live event results from lastnight in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

The night began with Bryan Saxton on the mic welcoming everyone to the show.

Eric Rowan came out with Braun Strowman for a singles match against the Big Show. A few times Strowman got involved while the ref was turned however Big Show won with the knockout punch and beat up both guys before leaving.

Sin Cara was out next for a singles match against Epico with Primo by his side. On the way to the ring they cut a promo on Winnipeg and how much it sucks compared to Puerto Rico. Epico would mock the crowd throught the match before winning via pinfall.
After the match they grabbed the mic again and told everyone to come to Puerto Rico.

Baron Corbin came out followed by Cesaro for a singles match. On the way into the ring Corbin almost tripped going up the ring steps. This one was back and forth but Cesaro won after spinning Corbin 9 times and then applying the sharpshooter making him tap.

The Vaudvillans were out next to face Big E and Xavier Woods of The New Day for the WWE Tag Team Championships. The new day won via pinfall after outside interference from Kofi Kingston. After the match they celebrated and invited 3 woman from the crowd to the back.

After a 15 minute intermission Bryan Saxton welcomes us back and gets everyone pumped for a six women tag team match.

Out came Lana followed by Summer Rae, and then Dana Brooke. The second team was Paige, Sasha Banks, and Becky Lynch (entrances were in that order) this match was back and forth and Sasha Banks won the match making Summer Rae tap out to the bank statement. After the match the 3 girls celebrated and did the whip and nae nae on top of the stage before leaving.

Kalisto came out followed by Alberto Del Rio and then Rusev and the 3 had a triple threat match for the WWE United States Championship. Match started with Alberto and Rusev teaming up on Kalisto. Eventually they turned on each other after few near falls. Rusev won after super kicking Aberto and applying the acolyte on Kalisto making him tap.

Up next was the main event. Chris Jericho vs Dean Ambrose in a street fight. Chris Jericho came out to a huge pop and cut a promo on how great it was to be back in his hometown. His ‘never ever’ catchphrase was interrupted by Dean’s music. This night they switched roles of heel and face and mocked eachother throughout the match with Dean getting in a lot of offense. Chris Jericho put him through a table and gave him the codebreaker for the pinfall victory. After the match he finished his ‘never ever’ catchphrase and celebrated with the hometown crowd to end the show.

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