WWE Hell In A Cell fan feedback: Chris Cruise gives his take on Sasha Banks

I don’t know that I have ever written you to evaluate a match, but I feel compelled to do so out of concern about last night’s main event. I think someone has to speak up for Sasha Banks’ health. She may be passionate and committed and focused and it may be her dream to be a WWE superstar, but she is too small, too prone to injury, too unschooled in ring psychology to be in the position she is in now.

It feels like she is a high-level Indy star who got pushed too far, too fast to the big show based on looks and her body. Her promos are terrible, her ring psychology practically nonexistent and her ability to protect her own body nowhere to be seen. I fear she will be permanently injured some day.

She has made her mark and has proven her point. She should announce her retirement tonight on RAW. If she doesn’t, the WWE should do it for her. This seems too much like a Dynamite Kid situation in the making. Her body is just not made for professional wrestling. 

Some people on Facebook are saying it was a great match, but I thought it was awful. There was almost no psychology, many spots were botched or just plain missed and the finish was indescribably bad. The two performers had no chemistry and seemed to be working at cross purposes on a number of occasions. They ruined the PPV.

I think the match set back women’s wrestling for years; if I were a veteran female wrestler in the WWE who had worked for years to make it a viable division I would be furious. I think these two choked. I don’t see how anyone can rate this match highly. And I repeat my concern for Sasha Banks’ physical health. I hope I am proven wrong, but this feels to me like it is headed down a disastrous path for her.

– Christopher Cruise


Was there live. Building basically full, short of a few spots in the nosebleeds the building was packed  Biggest pops were Sasha fighting the EMTs, the Eddie spots, and when they fixed the jumbotron during the world title match which is why there was a random YES chant

– Greg Valko


Thumbs Up

– Best Match: Kevin Owens vs Seth Rollins

– Worst Match: Bayley vs Dana Brooke

The worst mistake of the brand split was that the women’s division is so depleted that Bayley is left to work with Dana Brooke instead of Alexa Bliss or Natalya. As a result, she is no longer as hot as she was coming straight from NXT.

Okay, so the only babyface champ is Roman Reigns. Does that mean Reigns vs Owens is the next feud? And if Rusev is about to turn, does that mean he’s going cruiserweight to fight Kendrick?

– Jeff Cohen | Flushing, NY


– Best match: Charlotte v Sasha
– Worst match: Bailey v Dana

Really liked the Rusev match, good brutal stuff. Loved the women’s title match. I’m sure a lot of people don’t like the outcome, but I think it’s the right call. Charlotte is a more complete performer and the title is hotter with baby faces chasing it. Sasha may be the most overrated performer in wrestling right now.

– Erin Hotovy


Thumbs down.

Best match: Owens vs. Rollins. Would’ve been Banks vs. Flair until the really flat, anti-dramatic ending. Did the Boston crowd start throwing rotten vegetables? I can’t believe it sent them home happy.

Worst match: Perkins vs. Kendrick. Are they TRYING to bury Perkins after going to so much trouble to build him. Have they given up on the cruiserweights already?

There weren’t many good moments to begin with on the show, but the blah ending of the final match pretty much blotted out them out of memory.

Steven Grant | Henderson, NV

Thumbs up show 

– Best Match: Kevins Owens vs Seth Rollins

– Worst Match: TJ Perkins vs Brian Kendrick

Obviously with the Survivor Series matches coming up I can see them put a holding pattern on the Raw Women’s Championship and the Raw Tag Titles until the Dec PPV of WWE Roadblock.

Eric Poon


Thumbs down

– Best: Owens vs. Rollins

– Worst: TJ vs. Kendrick 

Such horridly bad decision making and booking it boggles the mind. They are doing such damage to the momentum of the woman’s division, the promise of the cruiserweight division and the appeal of Hell in a Cell as a gimmick. Even the Universal Title story makes no sense, with the chubby pale Canadian with the patchy beard and constant armpit rash somehow being “best for business.” Let’s hope the writers take a simple storytelling class and stop snatching failure from the jaws of victory. 

Nick Randall


Thumbs up….despite feeling deflated at the ending.

Best Match: Rusev v. Reigns.  Solid.  Not let down, even though I prefer Rusev.  Good build and pace.  I expected this to be the standard for the show, rather than the “best.”  Rusev’s facials and selling are just great.

Worst Match: Brooke v. Bayley.  Brooke has a lot of work to do.  This hair-to-the-turnbuckle thing is ridiculous.   I have no idea why this is in all of her matches.

Other notes:

Sasha v. Charlotte should have been the best match, but the abrupt ending (-I think the finish was supposed to be Sasha THROUGH the table, followed by Natural Selection) made for a flat finish.  Other spots felt too choreographed and stilted.  The heart of them both during the first third drew me in.

Perkins v. Spanky’s tape spot was ridiculously bad.  I was lost there and never brought back in after Perkins had to hold his own hand and pretend he was taped to the rope.  Camerawork and ref counting could have saved this spot somewhat.  Neither did.

Owens v. Jericho AGAIN presented us with a HIACell where outsiders get in.  Jericho, Wyatt, HHH, Paul Bearer-  completely undermines the gimmick of the match.  Takes me out of it and makes me spend my time watching for interference in all other cell matches.  

Opener was fun.

What’s with all the tape?  I thought Tapout might actually market the stuff, but they don’t.  Is this a substitute for selling injuries?

Nick Garcia

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