WOR Video: Could Logan Paul win WWE Money in the Bank?

Logan Paul is back in WWE, and he’s going for the Money in the Bank briefcase.

Bryan Alvarez and Dave Meltzer discussed that segment and more on Tuesday’s Wrestling Observer Radio. Alvarez was confused by Logan Paul’s promo, where he was trying to be both a face and a heel while announcing he was part of the Money in the Bank ladder match. This brought out the participants from both brands, the latest example of the brand split not meaning anything.

“So the brand thing is over,” Meltzer said. “Not even an explanation.”

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With Paul’s entry into the match, he becomes the immediate favorite.

“I think Logan Paul should win the match. I don’t know that he’ll win, but I think he should," Meltzer said. "He’ll get a lot of publicity if he won and the other thing about that is I think the briefcase is so annoying when it’s there week after week, but if it’s there every now and then, I think that’s pretty cool."

Meltzer even suggested that Paul could win the title, saying he’s no David Arquette, who won the WCW Championship back in 2000 while looking completely incompetent in the ring.

“This guy’s great. He can talk, he looks good, he can work, he’s great. He’s a bigger celebrity than anyone they got in the entire company, so why not?” he said.

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