Win a marathon runner’s care bundle worth £116

Triathlons, marathons, and other endurance sports take a real toll on your muscles and joints and the marathon runner’s bundle from Physicool UK can help you deal with any aches and pains.


The combination of products in the bundle will help you handle injuries, pain, and swelling in your legs and feet.

The bundle contains 2 Physicool cooling bandages size A, 1  Physicool cooling bandage size B, 2  500ml coolant bottles, and 1  cooling t-shirt.

Physicool UK products use specially-designed cooling technology to help people recover from joint and muscle injuries. They rapidly draws heat out of an injury, reducing swelling and pain, while promoting blood flow into the injury and speeding up recovery.

Their cooling products require no refrigeration and work instantly, which means you can use them anywhere. Keep them in your kit bag, your medicine cupboard, your office desk drawer, wherever you are most likely to need them.

The bandages also provide compression and support for injuries, which also helps aid recovery.

Physiocool are also offering 220 readers a discount of 22%, when they purchase the marathon runner’s care package. To take advantage of this just head to and use the code 220triathlon

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