Wallingford Coffee Shop Starts New Rotating Roaster Program

WALLINGFORD, CT — Green Kettle Coffee in Wallingford is adding to its local flavor with a new initiative featuring rotating roasters.

The coffee shop, located at 208 Center St. in Wallingford, recently started a multi-roaster program to help showcase more local businesses, according to owner Kristen Gilbride.

“From the onset of Green Kettle Coffee, we’ve wanted to stay as local as possible,” Gilbride said. “When we think about why we’re passionate about supporting small local businesses we like to think of the quote, ‘a rising tide lifts all boats.’ We believe that if small businesses work together, we are not only able to give high quality products to customers, but also enrich the community’s involvement and knowledge of the amazing local businesses in the area.”

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With the multi-roaster program, Gilbride said Green Kettle Coffee will have two coffee roaster’s beans in the store.

“Since we first opened, we’ve been using Victus,” she said. “Victus is a West Hartford-based roaster that roasts quality, well-sourced coffee blends. We’re going to always keep Victus on for our espresso-based drinks and cold brew. Victus is run by great people, and of course has great tasting coffee.”

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Their roaster this time around is Oakville-based Great Minds Coffee Roasters, which Gilbride said they became familiar with at the Wallingford Farmers Market.

Gilbride said they’ll be switching out roasters every few months “so we can showcase and serve local talent.”

When selecting a roaster, Gilbride said the “baseline qualification is that the coffee has to taste good.”

“Second, we look to see who the roasters are and where they’re located,” she said. “We’re keen on promoting local roasters.”

In the early stages of planning Green Kettle Coffee, Gilbride said she was planning on just using one roaster, but it “became impossible to choose only one” once she started meeting with roasters and sampling their roasts.

“They’re all so good,” she said. “The best compromise I could think of was having a rotating roaster. There are so many local talented roasters in the area, having a rotating roaster is a great way to have customers try different roasts they wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to try.”

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