Update on Smackdown Creative Team, WWE's Plans for Jerry Lawler

  • In an update on an earlier story, Brian James (Road Dogg) has gotten a “corporate promotion” over Ryan Ward but both are still considered co-head writers, pitching Smackdown to Vince McMahon, who then rewrites whatever he wants. While they both appear on equal footing at the moment, it is James who is considered to be in a position of more power moving forward, especially when Triple H begins to take over, given James’ relationship with him.

  • Jerry Lawler has signed a new one-year agreement with WWE. Initially he was supposed to be signed to a legends deal, but there was a change of heart as they are using him for TV, the Royal Rumble and he will be hosting the Hall of Fame ceremony. It’s possible his involvement at the Rumble will be to work some sort of angle with Dolph Ziggler.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Subscription information available at f4wonline.com

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