UFC 186 betting picks from the Secret Psychic Spy~!

By the Secret Psychic Spy (secretpsychicspy@yahoo.com)

– Starting Bankroll: $1,000
– Current Bankroll: $782.18
– Last week: 1/4
– Overall 41/71 (58%)

Tough week last week. My apologies to anyone who went with my picks as it was a rare off week. I picked 3 underdogs and none of them came through. This week, we’re playing it a little bit safer. UFC 186 airs live on PPV from Montreal. I like Mighty Mouse in the Main event. I do not like -1000 odds so he won’t be one of my picks. Here are 5 picks that I am recommending though.

Pick 1 – Michael Bisping (25-7) -145 over CB Dollaway (15-6) I’m betting $60 to win $41.38

Bisping has never lost 2 straight fights in his career and he’s coming off of a loss. The losses he has on his record have been to top, top guys. Dollaway doesn’t qualify there. Bisping is movitated to prove he’s not done as a title contender and will very likely have the Montreal crowd strongly behind him as Canada’s adopted him a native son from his previous fights there.

Pick 2 – John Makdessi (12-3) -170 vs Shane Campbell (9-2) I’m betting $60 to win $35.29

Two Canadians squaring off on the main card here. Campbell is going to have a case of the UFC jitters and Makdessi’s been here, done that.  Most of his career has been fought under the bright lights of the UFC while Campbell’s biggest stage was a WSOF fight earlier this year. Campbell is also dropping a weight class for this one.

Pick 3 – Valerie Letourneau (6-3) -165 vs Jessica Rakocsy (1-4) I’m betting $60 to win $36.36

Yes, that record is correct. Rakocsy has just one win in 5 career fights. This is her first fight since the TUF 18 Finale, where she was knocked out by Julianna Pena in the tourney final. Letourneau has won 5 of her last 6, including her UFC debut last June. This is also Rakocsy’s strawweight debut. Look for Letourneau to start the night off with a bang with a win here.

Pick 4 – Patrick Cote (20-9) -210 over Joe Riggs (40-16) I’m betting $60 to win $28.57

The Predator and Diesel. Two of the true veterans of the sport in the featured prelim. Cote may rival Bisping and Rampage as the biggest star to the local crowd and he’s going to use that good vibe to send Riggs down to defeat for the second straight time in the Octagon. Riggs will be game but will likely go down early here.

Pick 5 – Rampage Jackson (35-11) -290 over Fabio Maldonado (22-7) I’m betting $60 to win $20.69

They’re fighting at a Catchweight of 215 lbs in this one due to the late notice of the fight being put back on. Rampage has won 3 in a row since leaving UFC and he should be fresh. The fact that they’re weighing in 10 lbs heavier should favor the much larger Jackson. Maldonado always seems to falter in big fights and this should be no different.

All told, I’m betting $300 with a chance to win $162.30

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On with the betting game.


2015 Betting Game: Secret Psychic Spy vs Todd Martin


– Todd Martin: $849.02 (Picked Cummins, Lapilus, Murphy, Silva, Nelson, Pennington, Shockley, Henderson, Woodley and Krylov)
– Secret Psychic Spy: $1,016.96 (Picked Miller, Pawlak, Carmouche, Santos, Cruickshank, Salazar, Strickland, Kelly, Lauzon and Aliev)

Both of us lost last week, so no movement. Todd’s on his game this week though as he’s picked one of the Spy’s picks for the game. I’m going with Michael Bisping as my pick for the reasons outlined above. 

Todd’s pick and analysis:

Valerie Letourneau over Jessica Rakoczy -165

On a card not filled with a lot of lines that are tempting to me, I’m tentatively going with this one. Letourneau has fought a better level of competition, taking on top fighters from two weight classes up. She’s got a much better record. She’s younger. And she’s fighting at home. That works for me in a fight where the odds are relatively close.

Good luck, enjoy the fights and above all else remember, let’s beat Todd Martin!

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