Triple H Q&A: NXT Arrival, Best Stars In NXT, NXT Stars To Main Roster & More

The following are highlights of the Twitter Q&A that Triple H held earlier today to promote tonight’s NXT “Arrival” live WWE Network special:

On if he considers Arrival to be the WrestleMania of NXT: “Everyone here has been saying it feels just like a WrestleMania. So, I would say yes.”

On if he could face anyone from NXT, who it would be: “Good question. I would have to say Neville and Zayn. Both awesome. Future of #WWE.”

On whether or not we can expect any NXT stars to be moved up to the main roster after tonight: “It’s all about timing and making sure it’s the right moment to succeed.”

On if he would encourage his daughters to go into the wrestling business: “I would support anything they wanted to do. If it’s WWE, then absolutely!”

On if he helps train the NXT stars and who his favorites are: “Work with them as much as I can when I’m here. No favorites. Want them all the succeed.”

On why Adrian Neville isn’t on RAW yet: “When he has the most chance to succeed, he will be.”

On the most innovating and compelling aspect of the WWE Performance Center: “From a learning and safety stance, the crash pad ring will add years to careers!”

On if we can expect a Best Of NXT DVD: “Once we have enough to fill one. BTW it’s called @WWENetwork”

On if WWE only looks at talent who develop in NXT: “We look for talent any place, any time, any where!”

Check out more of Triple H’s Q&A on Twitter @TripleH.

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