Triple H On Being In WWE As Long As Vince McMahon, Daniel Bryan's Return, WM34

Triple H recently spoke with the folks at Raute Musik to promote next month’s WrestleMania 34 pay-per-view weekend. Featured below are some of the highlights from the interview.

On his busy life: “It’s a busy lifestyle, but you know, it’s funny because I don’t necessarily see it that way. Yes, it’s busy. Yes, it’s a lot of work. Yes, it’s demanding, but if you are doing what you love to do. If you are in an environment you love to be in and are passionate about, it certainly makes it a lot easier, and it doesn’t really seem like work. There was a funny moment, I put it out in a Tweet several weeks ago, in the span of a few days I flew 21,000 miles, and the circumference of the earth is 25,000 miles. It was a busy week. I spent a lot of time on the plane, working. It is something that we do, and it’s an exciting time. Yes, it’s busy, but busy in a good way and it’s a good problem to have.”

On if he and Stephanie will be in the business for as long as Vince McMahon has: “I think for Vince McMahon, it’s his passion and his life. It’s just who he is as a human being and as a person. For Stephanie, this has been her family business and her life, and a passion as well. Same thing for me. I’ve had a long career and deeply into this. Vince McMahon will do this until he can no longer do it. I think we feel the same way. We have a strong passion for this, and for us to take his vision is very important for us. Take that vision, which he has done really well, to take that vision from where it is and beyond where it will be to bring the brand, the company, the business and all of it, like he did. To have a vision beyond what it is today and where it can go. I think that the WWE, in the form of entertainment, as a media juggernaut, and a content creator, and all of that, I think is just scratching the surface of where we can be in the future, and I look forward to that future. When Vince McMahon will no longer be around, I hope Stephanie and I can do it justice and in the future of where it needs to be and hopefully futures beyond that will take it beyond anywhere we can imagine it to be.”

On Daniel Bryan being cleared to return to the ring: “The clearing of Daniel Bryan was a long time in process. That is something that Daniel Bryan, without WWE, had been working on for a very long time on his own because he had a desire to return to the ring. We knew what he was doing the entire time, and at the end of the day, we take the advice of the best medical people out there. When those medical people came to us and said that Daniel Bryan should no longer compete, that is what we went with, and in some ways it broke our heart to tell Bryan that, and certainly broke his heart, but like he said, it was his dream and he went and fought for it. Whether or not that fight would have been in vein none of us knew, but over time he began to show us results that were totally different than the medical professionals and it got to the point where he can return to action, and the medical professionals and beyond the professionals had said that he shouldn’t compete were now saying he can now compete so that is what we go with.

“He is now clear to return to the ring and we will keep an eye out for him. As I said, at the end of the day our first and foremost responsibility is the health and well being of our talent when they are on our roster. We want them to be as healthy as possible, for all of them. Long beyond the business aspect, there is a human being aspect so that is extremely important to us, and we will try to do our best for their health long term, and this situation is no different. Personally, I am ecstatic for Daniel Bryan. Knowing him as a human being, all of it, to see him have this opportunity again. To see the passion where he does this, and to see what this all means to him is incredible.”

On having WWE pay-per-views in the UK: “Any pay per view, or promotional event of that caliber are all difficult to put on and are all challenging. When you are talking about WrestleMania and a week-long series of events, that is difficult to put on in the United States, the difficulty level multiplies exponentially outside of the United States. That being said, we are definitely looking at possibilities into a lot of things. One thing we have shown, over the years is never say never. I know fans are hungry and excited for it if it happens. It is something we think about, and are logistically trying to figure out how it can work. Whether it is one of our standard pay per views, or WrestleMania, we are certainly open to all of it, and as we always say, you never say never in WWE. We are open to all options, and without sounding cliches, but if it is best for business then we will certainly be open to doing it.”

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