Tony Khan gives an update on potential streaming service for AEW and ROH


Tony Khan says that due to the WarnerMedia and Discovery merger, there is a lot of potential to grow their business with streaming.

In an interview with the Sports Media Podcast, Khan spoke about the merger and what that means for AEW and Ring of Honor.

“There’s a lot of potential for us to expand our business into streaming, especially with the new company that’s emerged post-merger with Warner Bros, Discovery being so strong in streaming and having exciting plans going forward,” Khan said of streaming. “That’s something we’re continuing to talk to them about, and I’m very fortunate to work with such a big company where hopefully we can explore that. We’ve put together hundreds of hours of great footage and had the ability to produce so much great content on a weekly basis, in addition to what’s on TNT and TBS every Wednesday and every Friday.”

“So the world of wrestling and streaming, it’s very exciting,” Khan said. “Our competitor has done big stuff in this space, and there’s definitely a big revenue stream for the company. Most importantly of all, there’s a big opportunity for the wrestling fans who want this content. It’s something I see people calling for every day. Literally, I’m not exaggerating. Every single day I get messages from fans calling for that exact streaming service with a library of past events and/or future events.”

Tony Khan not only possesses the AEW library to offer potential streaming providers, but he owns the Ring of Honor library as well. Khan purchased ROH in early March, but has yet to announce official plans for the brand or the years of content that come along with it.

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