The Rock Closes The Door On A Presidential Run

The Rock is having a big week. The Great One was named to TKO’s Board of Directors yesterday and plans on helping promote the WWE brand in the future, a role that earned him an extra $30 million in stock and granted him ownership of “The Rock” name. He’s also eyeing Roman Reigns and the Undisputed Universal Championship, with many speculating that he might challenge the Tribal Chief this April at WrestleMania 40.


One thing The Rock will not be doing however, is run for president. The former world champion turned Hollywood megastar shut the door on that possibility during a recent interview with Fox News.

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I’m honored. I’m not a politician, never had the intentions to be a politician. As all this continues to take shape and form, and I get it, especially ramping up into this year in particular with an election year. I actually got approached by both parties. One after the other. I said, then, as I say now, ‘I’m honored, thank you. The most important thing I’m doing now is being a daddy to my little girls.’ I like school drop offs and I like pick ups. I like that and I know if I were to ever go down that road, which I have no intention to, all that goes away, and I don’t want that to go away.

The Rock previously stated that he was approached by the Democrats and the Republicans to run as their candidate. Instead, he will choose to lay the SmackDown inside the ring and on movie-screens rather than the White House.

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