Spoiler On Big Names Scheduled For WWE Smackdown This Week

Photo Credit: YouTube.com

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Spoiler On Big Names Scheduled For WWE Smackdown Live This Week

Since the “Undersiege” episode of WWE Raw aired several weeks ago, during which the Smackdown Live roster, lead by Shane McMahon, attacked the Raw roster, The Red brand has yet to retaliate.

According to PWInsider.com, it appears as if Raw will finally get some kind of payback, as The Shield is scheduled to be at WWE Smackdown Live on Tuesday night.

As we noted over the weekend, the current plan is for Roman Reigns to return to WWE TV on Raw tomorrow night, setting up The Shield vs The New Day at WWE Survivor Series. With New Day being a Smackdown team, The Shield appearing on Smackdown this week could further both Raw vs Smackdown and the build to the team’s PPV match.

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