SME Turntable and Tonearm, Ortofon Cartridge, VTL Amplification, Lumin Streamer, PMC Speakers, Nordost Cables

More great sound was had in retailer Audio Eden’s room, where they were showcasing a system fronted by SME’s Synergy all-in-one record player, which includes the SME model 12 turntable, SME lV arm with internal Crystal Cable wiring, an Ortofon Windfeld Ti MC cartridge, and a built-in phono stage made by Nagra ($CAD28,000 total cost)—but no kitchen sink.

I hate to say the price of the SME ensemble seems fair, but in hi-fi, where there are so many dubious places on which to plunk down 30 grand, the SME strikes me as a sure investment in musical pleasure. The Synergy was demoed with VTL’s 6.5 Series ll preamp ($CAD21,000), a pair of VTL 450 Series lll monoblocks ($CAD31,000/pair), a Lumin T2 streamer ($CAD6995) connected to an external hard drive, a pair of passive PMC Fact 12 Signature speakers ($CAD28,500/pair), and Nordost cabling, the combination of which filled the room with warm, rich, and highly engaging sound.

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