Sachin Tendulkar Takes A Tea Break During Road Trip With Arjun

No doubt the most loved Indian cricket is Sachin Tendulkar. The man has destroyed several bowling attacks and fans remember them all even almost a decade after his retirement.

The maestro also keeps sharing his personal updates on the internet.

The 49-year-old recently posted a video on Instagram about a road trip with his son Arjun. Of course, these trips are not complete without a stop at a Dhaba. 


His Instagram reel indicated he was enjoying Chai Rusk at a Dhaba, as per ET. In the video, he gave his location as somewhere on the Belgaum-Goa highway. Arjun was seen hiding behind the door of the car. 

Sachin also spoke to the Dhaba worker and other locals in the area.

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 The video was viewed nearly 6 million times and has almost 1 million likes.

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One person in the Instagram comments wrote, “The greatest cricketer of all time!! and such humbleness!” 

Another person said, “That tea seller is definitely someone special. God Himself came at his place for a Tea.” 

A third person added, “Real happiness is in normal life. Good thing, sir.”

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