Rush’s new AEW contract believed to be multi-year deal, offered ‘insane money’

In the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer provided an update on Rush re-signing with AEW.

Meltzer reports that Rush's new AEW contract is believed to be a multi-year deal. Rush announced the new deal via a video posted on Twitter earlier this week.

Meltzer adds that, while WWE was interested in Rush, WWE never made an official offer because they knew Rush wouldn't be going to WWE once they found out how much AEW was offering. One person in WWE called the AEW offer "insane money."

The belief is the new deal is multiple years. Regarding the WWE situation with him, the explanation from multiple people there is that they were interested in him for NXT and understood that they’d have to make him an offer much bigger than just about anyone in NXT (obviously not Gable Steveson but bigger than anyone else) because he’d get a big offer from AEW. However, WWE never made an official offer because when they found out what AEW offered, they knew there was no way he was going to WWE. Someone in WWE called the offer 'insane money.'

Rush first debuted for AEW in May 2022. He was initially on a per-appearance deal before signing a one-year contract with AEW. That contract was announced in September 2022.

Rush's most recent AEW match took place this May.

After Rush's new contract with AEW was announced, CM Punk made a post on his Instagram stories calling Rush a "Collider," teasing that Rush will be part of AEW Collision.

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