Rob Van Dam Discusses Vince McMahon’s Legacy, His Current Status With WWE

While speaking on the latest episode “1 Of A Kind With RVD,” the former WWE Champion spoke about a wide range of topics including his WWE status and what he thinks is the legacy of Vince McMahon. Here are the highlights: 

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Vince McMahon’s legacy: 

“He’s the man and I think he’s going to go down as the man that single handedly took professional wrestling from a regional sports entertainment bracket to a worldwide phenomenon worth over a billion dollars an set the standards and He’s created careers and made superstars for decades. I can’t see another Vince McMahon coming along. I’m not saying they won’t. I’m just saying I can’t see it. And anytime I watch any of the interviews of him being challenged or provoked or whatever, I almost always agree with his point, you know, and it goes back to  that basic thinking. Like people, there’ll be like wrestlers that wrestled for a ‘cup of coffee,’ as they say in WWE, spent the rest of their career on the indie scene doing drugs and now they want to come out, come back and blame Vince for it. How does that even make sense? And because if they did work for that cup of coffee, Vince, WWE volunteered (I don’t know if they volunteered or if they were told to but anyway) they took the responsibility either way of putting wrestlers through rehab and paying for it if they spent any time in WWE. So you got to imagine a lot of the guys spent most of their career outside of WWE and they were probably worse on their destructive habits outside of WWE anyway. Whatever I watch interviews and I and I see everyone try to stick it all on Vince when it’s stuff that I personally don’t think he should be held responsible for, um, he sounds smart to me when he, when he states that, you know?

His current WWE status: 

“I wanted them to get ahold of me, I guess, you know what I mean? Like and they did it and like a whole year went by and then and I went to the show cause they were in town where I lived, I guess, LA or Anaheim. And I said to [Mark] Carrano, ‘What, you lose my number or something?’ And that’s weird. It’s just like now. Like people ask how come I’m not there. I’m like, ‘They’re not calling me,’ you know? It’s the same. It really is. You know, that’s why it’s good to articulate feelings, thoughts on these shows.”

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