Rob Van Dam Believes HOOK Has A “Good Vibe” To His Character

Rob Van Dam speaks on one of AEW’s fastest rising stars, HOOK.


The Whole F’n Show spoke about the current FTW Champion during a recent interview on the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling program. RVD, who has teamed with HOOK a couple of times in AEW, says that the Handsome Devil has a lot of upside, including a really fun vibe to his character. He of course, mentions the great relationship he has with his father Taz and how he does really like the direction he’s headed.

He’s a very likable guy and, [that’s] not just first-hand from me thinking he’s got a good vibe [and] I like him, but I even noticed first that the crowd took to him so much, and so I was trying to figure that out. What is that about him? I think it’s cool that he’s Taz’s son. To use a pun – that’s a little hook on his character, and makes him stand out a little bit. Honestly, when I saw him and Samoa Joe do their little promo face-off, I thought it was funny how he held the microphone up, and it made me laugh. I thought it made him look like an unruly punk that just had some things he wanted to say but wasn’t necessarily taught how, because that’s the way it came across, which should be good for, I think, the message they were doing. I like him.

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In a separate interview, RVD spoke about Sammy Guevara accidentally injuring Jeff Hardy on last week’s AEW Rampage and why he thinks the Spanish-Sex God needs to take responsibility for his actions. You can read about that here.

(H/T and transcribed by Fightful)

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