Report: SmackDown To Have Big Show In 2018 For 1,000th Episode

According to Dave Meltzer and The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, SmackDown Live also hits a pretty impressive milestone next year, its 1,000th episode.
It is expected to feature a number of iconic Superstars much like the 25th-anniversary edition of Monday Night Raw.
Based on the schedule, it looks like the 1,000th episode of SmackDown would be on October 16, 2018. So they are likely to make that one a major show.
And just in case any of you were wondering if they’d make a big deal out of SmackDown’s milestone given that RAW 25 is happening in the same year, then, yes, it appears the WWE would.

What’s notable is that’s five days before a Raw PPV and if they are doing a show that’s expected to be big ratings, it would also be smart to promote the Raw feuds on it. So they’ll have both the Raw 25th anniversary and the SmackDown milestone show next year.


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