Reason Authors of Pain Haven't Been on TV; Update on Charlotte Flair's Surgery

— The main reason that the Authors of Pain haven’t been used on TV after debuting following WrestleMania is because one of the two had a visa issue but that has since been cleared up. They can now return but creatively haven’t been used because the focus on Raw lately has been to get the B Team and Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre over. WWE doesn’t want them to be typecast into a Slater/Rhyno or Ascension type role so they will be kept off TV until there’s a time and plan to push them.

— Charlotte Flair will be undergoing surgery for a ruptured implant soon after Money in the Bank and has been pulled off the company’s tour of Japan on 6/29 and 6/30. As noted before, she has been working through this for months, putting it off because of not wanting to miss WrestleMania.

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