Playland Ride Temporarily Closed As Malfunction Goes Viral On TikTok

RYE, NY — Cell phone footage of a ride at Playland went viral after the popular “Music Express” ride seemingly malfunctioned, leaving people briefly stuck on the spinning amusement park attraction, in a video posted on TikTok.

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“It’s stuck,” someone in the background of the video can be heard saying, adding “This is why you don’t get on these rides.” Riders can be heard screaming and asking for help in the 35-second-long video on social media.

“Playland takes incidents like this very seriously and have established safety protocols that went into effect during the electrical issue that impacted the Music Express ride on Sunday evening,” a Playland spokesperson told Patch. “Our operators appropriately followed those protocols which led to our maintenance team ultimately shutting down power to the ride. Playland always has EMS on site when the park is open, and EMS responded, evaluated all guests, and determined that there were no injuries. While we work with the manufacturer to fully diagnose the problem the ride will remain closed.”

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A full ride on Music express typically last approximately 3-4 mins. In this case, riders experienced another cycle, lasting just a few minutes, on the ride before it was stopped by the Playland maintenance team.

“The Music Express is a fast-paced circular ride traveling a track with numerous peaks and valleys,” according to the Playland website. “As the name suggests, loud music plays and lights flash wildly throughout the ride.”

Find out what's happening in Ryewith free, real-time updates from Patch.

The ride made its debut at Playland park in 1981.

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