Park Lawn Queen Of Hearts Jackpot Grows To Over $220K After Rollover

OAK LAWN, IL — The cold weather did not deter the hopeful players who gathered Wednesday at At The Office Bar and Grill in Crestwood for the Park Lawn Queen of Hearts Raffle. The jackpot going into Wednesday’s drawing was $220,465 and climbing.

Rafael C’s ticket was pulled, who picked the #28 spot, but her majesty the queen was still off frolicking at the Critics Choice Awards, revealing the three of clubs. Anthony still goes home a winner with 24 free tickets in the Jan. 24 drawing. Fifty-one positions are left on the board.

The board for Park Lawn’s Queen of Hearts drawing Jan. 24.

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Mark Dynia, chief marketing officer for Park Lawn, is predicting the jackpot to grow to $235,000 by next Wednesday. The current progressive raffle jackpot continues to set new records for Park Lawn.

The person who finds the queen will split the jackpot 60-40 with Park Lawn if present, 50-50 if they’re playing in Facebook-land.

Find out what's happening in Oak Lawnwith free, real-time updates from Patch.

There is no cap on prize amounts in Crestwood, so the sky’s the limit. In 2018, a Queen of Hearts raffled reached $2.6 million after 40 weeks of play at McNally’s Pub in Beverly-Mt. Greenwood. The winner split 50 percent of the jackpot with St. Cajetan School. Chicago Ald. Matt O’Shea (19th) had the Chicago City Council pass a special ordinance to allow the McNally’s game to continue.

You can buy tickets online, or at Park Lawn’s Oak Lawn location, 10833 Laporte Ave.
Tickets can also be purchased at At The Office Sports Bar and Grill, 4902 Cal Sag Road. Crestwood, where Park Lawn’s progressive raffle is pulled every Wednesday at 7 p.m.

Online sales close at 2 p.m. the day of the drawing. In each online transaction, the purchaser will only be allowed to select a single number to represent the card in which they want to be revealed on the Queen of Hearts game board. That number, along with the buyer’s name and phone number, will be written down by a Park Lawn representative on all the tickets purchased in that transaction and placed into that week’s drawing. Read the terms and conditions. Players must be 18 or over.

Should the Queen of Hearts appear, the winner splits the pot 60-40 with Park Lawn if present; or 50-50 if not present. The person whose ticket is drawn but doesn’t find the queen gets 24 free tickets for the next week’s drawing. Should the ace of spades appear, the winner (must be present to win) will receive free appetizers every week for a year at At the Office. Joker resets the board. You can watch the drawing live on Park Lawn Charity Facebook.

All proceeds benefit Park Lawn’s programs for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, including supported employment, residential, social and home-based services.

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“It doesn’t matter if you buy first, middle or last,” Dynia said. “You have a very good chance of having your ticket pulled.”

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