NJPW’s Rocky Romero hopes to speak with Mercedes Mone ‘maybe soon-ish’

NJPW's Rocky Romero hopes that he'll be speaking with Mercedes Mone and her agent soon.

During an interview with WrestlePurists, Romero was asked if he has any update on Mone and her NJPW status. Romero said he doesn't have any update right now, but he hopes that he'll be talking to her and her agent "maybe soon-ish." Romero said the last thing he heard was that Mone was recovering well from her ankle injury.

I honestly don’t have any update right now. I hope that I’ll be talking to her agent and her maybe soon-ish, but I honestly don’t have any update yet about anything. The last thing I had heard was that she was recovering well and basically they were going to let me know, reach out when she was getting close to a comeback. So, yeah. So I'm not really sure where we're at.

Romero confirmed that there's still communication between NJPW and Mone, but he doesn't know for sure what Mone will want to do when she's able to return from her injury. Romero said it would be unfair to speak for her.

There’s definitely still communication. And I mean obviously though, I don’t know what she’s going to want to do when she comes back for sure. Especially coming back from a serious injury, you know? And like that maybe messed up her timeframe of what she wanted to do and how she wanted to do it. So I really couldn’t say or speak for her, you know? I don’t think it would be fair.

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Romero said he thinks Mone thoroughly enjoyed the time she's spent in NJPW. Romero noted that NJPW would obviously love to continue working with her.

No [there's no heat between the two sides]. No, no, no. I think that she thoroughly enjoyed her time in New Japan and New Japan loved working with her and obviously would love to continue to work with her. But yeah, I think everybody’s pretty happy with the work that we’ve done obviously, you know?

Romero works for NJPW both behind the scenes and as a wrestler.

Mone has been out of action since injuring her ankle at NJPW Strong Resurgence this May. That night, Mone was supposed to be crowned the inaugural NJPW Strong Women's Champion. But an audible was called during the match after the injury Mone suffered. Willow Nightingale instead defeated her to win the title.

Giulia is the current NJPW Strong Women's Champion. It's been expected that a match between Mone and Giulia would take place once Mone's able to return.

Mone was shown in the audience at AEW All In this August.

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