NH State Representative Arrested On Threat, Assault Charges

CONCORD, NH — A state representative was arrested by New Hampshire State Police on Friday after a video surfaced of a fight about snow removal between himself and a town employee last week.

Jeffrey Greeson of Wentworth was arrested Friday on criminal threatening, simple assault, and disorderly conduct charges. He was processed and released on personal recognizance.

On March 4, during a snowstorm that dropped more than a foot of snow to the state and region, a Wentworth High Department employee was plowing snow when a resident began berating him for not removing the snow in front of his driveway.

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The town employee took out his cell phone and began recording the interaction. The video was posted on Facebook a few days later.

The man, later identified as Greeson, was seen on the video screaming at the driver for leaving so much snow at the end of his driveway and not plowing closer to the street’s edge. He has heard hollering and requesting the snow be moved to the corner, away from his driveway.

Find out what's happening in Concordwith free, real-time updates from Patch.

“Push it over there,” Greeson yelled, “out of the road. Over there.”

Greeson was recorded flipping the plow driver off and dropping the f-bomb while screaming at him about the space and pile of snow between the beginning of his driveway and the street.

The driver called the encounter “unacceptable” and threatened to call the police. He also suggested he might move more snow in Greeson’s driveway.

“Your job is to clear the road, clear the road,” he said. “Get in your truck and do your job. You do a sh—y job, every time, and now you’ve got this p-ss ass attitude.”

Greeson walked away and the driver backed up the truck. A few seconds later, Greeson walked to the truck and could be seen reaching for the cell phone, demanding the snow not be put in his driveway.

“Get your hands off me,” the plow driver said.

Greeson denied touching him but continued to yell.

Later that morning, a state trooper from Troop F took the complaint from the plow driver, and after an investigation, Greeson was arrested. He is due in Plymouth District Court on May 18 for arraignment.

Greeson, a Republican, has been a state representative since 2020, representing Grafton District 6. He previously considered a run for U.S. Congress. Greeson is also a veteran of the U.S. Navy and previously worked as a meteorologist, a minister, and an educator.

He did not respond to an email seeking comment about the incident or arrest.

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