News on WWE Stars Missing Events This Weekend; Strowman Playing Babyface

— At the big house show in Boston last night, Roman Reigns, Alexa Bliss and Rey Mysterio all missed the event despite being advertised. Bliss was replaced by Tamina in a tag team match and there were some rumors that she may have been injured on Saturday but no one from WWE has confirmed it yet or issued a statement. As for Mysterio, fans in Boston were reportedly very upset that he wasn’t there and WWE didn’t tell anyone until the matches took place and people noticed they were changed. There is also no news on why Reigns missed all the shows.

— Meanwhile, Braun Strowman played a babyface at the weekend house shows which seems to imply that WWE will be moving forward with his program against Drew McIntyre. As noted before, WWE has “no end game” for the Strowman/McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler storyline but for tonight at least, it looks like they won’t just go ahead and forget what happened last week.

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