Meet The Worlds Oldest Person – A 115-Year-Old Spanish Woman Who Has Never Been Hospitalised

Guinness World Records has declared a US-born Spanish great-grandmother the world’s oldest living person.

Branyas Morera/ Image from Twitter

 On Wednesday, the record-keeping body made this announcement about 115-year-old Maria Branyas Morera after the verification process and interview of her family members. 

She assumed this title after French nun Lucile Randon aged 118, passed away a day before, AFP reported.

Lucile Randon/ Image from Twitter

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Branyas Morera has never gone to hospital

Morera, a resident of the town of Olot in northeastern Spain for the past two decades, has survived the two world wars, the 1918 flu, the 1936 Spanish civil war and Covid-19.

But what’s more remarkable is that she has never been hospitalised, never broke her bones and doesn’t feel any pain. She continues to live a healthy life.

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As per reports, Morera’s daughter, 78-year-old Rosa Moret, attributed her mother’s longevity to “genetics”. 

Life amidst global events

Morera was born in San Francisco on March 4, 1907 shortly after her family moved to the United States from Mexico. 

In 1915, the entire family decided to return to their native Spain and the ongoing World War I complicated their ship voyage across the Atlantic. 

Morera’s father died from tuberculosis during the crossing, and his coffin was thrown into the sea. Branyas Morera and her mother settled in Barcelona. 

In 1931, five years before Spain’s 1936-39 civil war, she married a doctor. 

The couple lived together for four decades until her husband passed at 72. 

She has had three children, including one who died, 11 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren. 

Recovered from Covid-19 at care home

Just weeks after ringing in her 113th birthday, Morera got Covid-19 and was confined to her room at her care home in Olot but fully recovered. 

“I haven’t done anything extraordinary, the only thing I did was live,” she told the Barcelona-based daily newspaper La Vanguardia in 2019.           

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