Matt Hardy Believes The Young Bucks Are Still Underrated As A Tag Team, Talks The Bucks Being Sting’s Final Opponents

Matt Hardy gives his thoughts on the Young Bucks.


The Broken One spoke about AEW’s top tag team during a recent edition of his Extreme Life podcast. Matt, who has wrestled the Bucks numerous times throughout his career, believes that they are still underrated despite all of the incredible things they’ve accomplished in their careers.

I say it here ad nauseam, and once again, to piss everyone off that are not on the Young Bucks train, the Bucks are truly amazing. They can get in the ring. They’re so good. They know what they’re doing. They can lead people that are a little older, their bodies are a little more broken down, they can lead them to great matches. They’re just so talented, they’re really, really good, and they’re truly underrated. Their actual work as a tag team is underrated. I know a lot of people give them a hard time because, ‘Oh, they’re spot monkeys and they do this and they do that, or they play politics because they’re EVPs.’ They’re both good dudes, and they’re both incredible professional wrestlers. If that does end up being Sting’s final match, Sting and Darby versus The Young Bucks, they’re gonna tear the house down. It’s gonna be great, guaranteed.

Elsewhere on his podcast Hardy spoke on how Sting handled the infamous TNA Victory Road incident with his brother Jeff Hardy. You can read about that here.

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