Man Arrested On Felonies Connected To November Concord Home Invasion

CONCORD, NH — Concord police are beginning to make arrests after a multi-month investigation of a home invasion on Thanksgiving weekend 2023 on Hanover Street at the same address of a late-January shooting after another violent incident.

Around 9:15 p.m. on Nov. 25, 2023, officers and detectives were sent to Hanover Street to investigate a report of a home invasion. Both residents of the neighborhood and witnesses called police after hearing yelling and screaming, threats, physical violence, and swearing along the tiny one block pocket street between Rumford and School. One man was bleeding from the head and Concord fire and rescue teams were requested.

According to interviews, a girl had a boy over to the apartment but he began to make “unwanted sexual advancement toward her,” and she requested assistance from another family member to remove the boy from the home. The family member and other friends then removed the boy from the home.

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About an hour later, while the girl was alone in her bedroom, she heard the residence’s side door slam and yelling and banging noises from the basement. She walked to the stairs to see what is going on and saw the other family member getting beat up by adults and some young kids. The girl began yelling at the assaulters, telling them to get out, and they retreated from the home. The girl described the assaulters as Black, some with dreadlocks, and one who was of “a large stature,” with facial hair. Another witness reported seeing a Black man, about 6 feet tall with dreadlocks, and a white man, about 6 foot, 2 inches tall, with brownish hair, fleeing the scene.

The assault victim gave police the names of the friends who helped him remove the boy earlier in the evening. He told police he was in the basement with his girlfriend when people started entering the home. The victim told police, one man, said, “You like to jump n—–?” While he attempted to get away from the home invaders, he cut his foot and then, was jumped by about eight people who were punching and kicking him.

Find out what's happening in Concordwith free, real-time updates from Patch.

The victim recognized some of the men involved in the assault. One, Habakku Tarwo, 20, turned toward the victim and his girlfriend, lifted his shirt to display and handgun, and said, “Get the f— back, I got the stick, and I’ll boom it,” the victim claimed, the affidavit said.

The detective in the report wrote “stick” is modern lingo for a firearm.

The victim identified six other suspects, including two men and a woman with prior arrests, the boy who was removed from the apartment earlier, a 15-year-old girl and a 14-year-old boy. The girlfriend only recognized one of the suspects, the 15-year-old girl. She confirmed the allegation against Tarwo that he flashed the gun and said something to the effect of “I got the stick,” the report stated.

EMTs then transported the victim to the hospital.

Editor’s note: Patch is not publishing the names of the other suspects since they have either not been officially charged or warrants against them have not been issued yet. This story will be referenced in future arrests and will be updated after the others have been charged.

Later, the victim and the girl provided a Snapchat location for the 15-year-old girl which placed her around the Royal Gardens apartment complex and police were sent to the area to find her.

Around 10 p.m., New Hampshire State Police located the vehicle in question, a Mazda CX-9, on Christian Avenue. Two people were at the vehicle — the woman accused of being involved with the home invasion as well as another man who matched the description of the 6 foot, 2 inch white man fleeing. The 15-year-old though was not with them, the report stated.

The man and woman were questioned and the man admitted he and the woman drove to Hanover Street and there was “a car full of people” parked behind them. They never left the car, he claimed, and he was unsure what the car full of people did.

The woman said she picked up the man in Loudon before visiting a friend at the Royal Gardens. She then admitted to driving to Hanover Street but neither of them left the car, she said, according to the report. The woman said, earlier in the evening, she received a call on Snapchat from one of the other suspects about the boy who was removed from the apartment due to the sexual advances being beat up. All involved then drove to Hanover Street.

The woman confirmed one of the names of the suspects and said about six of them went into the home. “A short time later,” they all ran out of the home, got into a vehicle, and fled, she reportedly stated.

On Dec. 9, 2023, the woman was re-interviewed and confirmed driving to Hanover Street but denied going into the apartment, a detective wrote.

She stayed on the sidewalk but confirmed she knew two of the suspects, the report stated. At one point during the interview, her story changed slightly, saying, “Yea, they were there, but, uhh, I didn’t see them walk inside the house,” an affidavit stated.

Questioning Witnesses

Officers canvassed the area and spoke to witnesses in the neighborhood.

One reported hearing “loud music blaring” from vehicles outside of the apartment building. They said one of the vehicles, a minivan, appeared to be occupied by several men. Six people, wearing masks, exited the minivan. About five minutes later, they said, the people were seen running back to the minivan while one yelled, “Get in the car!” The minivan pulled up next to the second car and then, left the area.

A second witness, who was watching a movie, heard people yelling outside and went to see what was going on.

They reported six to eight people getting into a silver or gray Toyota Sienna minivan. The witness said they were “a car (person)” and were “pretty confidant” of the make and model.

A detective also viewed camera footage from a pole in the area that was part of an unrelated investigation and confirmed the Mazda CX-9 and a silver-gray vehicle in the area.

The vehicles arrived around 9:15 p.m. The detective wrote there appeared to be “a large group of individuals” walking toward Hanover Street and at least one person acting as “a potential lookout.” Around 9:19 p.m. the vehicles left the area. Police arrived at 9:24 p.m.

Tawro Arrested, Questioned

Five days later, a detective arrested Tawro on an unrelated bench warrant in the parking lot of the Dunkin’ Donuts on South Main Street.

At the time of the arrest, he was with two of the suspects in the Hanover Street incident as well as an 18-year-old woman. Tawro was processed on the warrant and then questioned about the home invasion. He denied being involved in the incident and denied having a gun, but said everything he needed to know was on his cell phone, the affidavit stated. The detective noted Tawro matched the description by one of the witnesses of one of the men seen fleeing Hanover Street.

“Bro, if you’re smart, literally once I leave, right, as soon as I give you my password, what I would do is just click on the messages, boom, right then and there, you figure out what you need to do,” Tawro was accused of telling the detective in the report.

Tawro showed his hands, in an effort to prove he was not involved in the assault, and had no abrasions or marks, although the detective wrote, “it should be noted that (the victim) reported he was also kicked during the assault.”

Snapchat Interactions

A search warrant was filed for Tawro’s Snapchat account.

On Dec. 29, 2023, the detective eyed conversations on the night in question and the day after, noting the “large amount of grammatical errors and slang” in the texts.

According to the detective, the boy who reportedly made the unwanted sexual advances said to Tawro, “Time to get back” and “They jumped me.”

There was communication between multiple parties which appeared to be organizing individuals to go to Hanover Street.

The 15-year-old girl replied to another person, “Booka me (others) jumping (boys on Hanover Street)” with the detective noting “‘Booka’ is a well-known nickname to the Concord Police Department for Habakku Tawro.” She also wrote, “n—- I got blick on me n—- we jumping this kid we’ll meet h at (another person’s home) it’ll only take a min.” The detective noted the word “blick” was synonymous with a stolen gun.

After the incident, several messages were exchanged about how funny it was they were able to assault the victim. In the back and forth, there appeared to be discussion about others who fled from the scene on foot, and how those people needed to be picked up.

At 11:22 p.m., Tawro was accused of communicating with another person: “Yo this urgent.” “Can u grab my gun From the gardens after work bro bro Please and kep It For a month.” The person replied, “Bro wtf you do” and “Why you still getting caught up.” Tawro was accused of replying, “Nothing bro it was a fight” and “But they looking for my gun again.”

Another exchange, around 11:39 p.m., between two accounts appeared to confirm the assault, with one apologizing for bringing the other to the incident.

“I’m sorry for this … (I) woulda NEVER brang u around allat … ever ever … feel terribly bad … n—– r so bummy n dumb,” the report said.

The girl responded, “it woulda been completely fine if they didn’t pistol whip n—– right before,” with the detective noting there were three laughing emojis and a heart after the message.

In another exchange, Tawro was accused of bragging about the incident with the man found near the car at the Royal Gardens complex not long after the incident.

“Bruh,” he wrote, with Tawro being accused of replying, “Yo … that s— krazy lol … Dude they gonna connect the dots but maybe not I been out The hood For a Min.”

Tawro and the other man exchanged more notes and laughing emojis, the report stated.

The detective wrote, in an exchange with the person who was supposed to pick up his gun, that they said, “… you ain’t supposed to be doing this dumb s— no more.”

Tawro also appeared to be angered with the man found by state police during an exchange around 11:47 p.m. about handling the gun.

“Bro,” he was accused of texting, “why didn’t u want the gun … U want it Every other day. Not today f–.”

The man replied, “Bro I’m so hot now,” adding he was not supposed to have interactions with police but now, he was part of the investigation, the affidavit said.

At 11 a.m. on Nov. 26, 2023, the boy reportedly involved in the sexual advances messaged another person saying, “But we beat tf out of (the victim).”

At 11:26 a.m., the 15-year-old girl messaged Tawro saying, “Be (the victim) said it was me.” Tawro was accused of replying, “Delete the video rn.” She then replied, “To the cops … I did.” Tawro was accused of writing back, “Okay okay good yo just play dum … U was never there … U gotta come up with and alibit.” She then replied, “I grew up doing this … I got it.” Tawro was accused of writing back, “But dnt drag anyone in it s (another person) I need u rn.”

Other Snapchats revealed people telling others not do discuss the incident and others accusing people of “snitching” and “ratting” others out. Tawro, at 5:50 p.m., reached out to another one of the suspects, “You make sure no one snitched in that car,” the report said. The other suspect, who was well known to police due to many prior arrests, wrote back, “no one and trust i did.”

Shooting On Hanover Street

On Jan. 25, police were sent to the same Hanover Street address for a report of another home invasion and shooting.

According to police, at least six people, dressed and hoodies and masks, were outside of the apartment yelling when at least one gun shot was fired. A voice was heard saying, “Keep shooting them,” according to a dispatcher.

As police rounded up some of the people involved, one officer heard a familiar name, and said she needed to speak with the woman about the fight at the basketball game at Concord High School the previous Friday.

Jayden Ballam-Quiah, a local teen, was arrested on felony reckless conduct, unauthorized use of a firearm, and breach of bail conditions charges.

Ballam-Quiah was out on bail due to being accused of theft, transporting alcohol, and unlawful possession-intoxication charges after an incident at Speedway in mid-December 2023. He was held on preventative detention at the time but has since been released on bail. The case has also moved from Concord District Court to Merrimack County Superior Court.

Ballam-Quiah is due in superior court for a dispositional conference hearing on May 6.

Several juveniles were placed into protective custody.

A Warrant Issued

A warrant was issued for Tawro’s arrest on burglary, felonious use of firearms, riot, tampering with witnesses and informants, and falsifying physical evidence charges, all felonies, on March 6.

He was arrested at 6 p.m. on March 14 after police were sent to the Hannaford on Fort Eddy Road for a report of theft. Between March 6 and March 14, six more burglary counts and five more riot charges were added to his arrest, making the total count to be 16 felony charges.

Tawro was held on $3,000 cash bail.

Police also arrested Sasha Renee Lee, 20, of Concord on theft by unauthorized taking-less than $1,000 connected to the Hannaford incident and driving after revocation or suspension charges after an incident on North State Street.

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Police expect more warrants and arrests connected to the Nov. 25, 2023, incident in the near future.

Tawro is no stranger to police having been arrested several times since turning 18.

Back in October 2022, he was arrrested on robbery, criminal threatening, child endangerment, and breach of bail charges and motor vehicle and open container violations.

At the time, he was living in an apartment on Village Street and was accused of pulling a knife on a juvenile at Rolfe Park in Penacook due to a grudge connected to a previous drug related issue between himself and another man. A consent search of his vehicle led to the discovery of a knife, a report stated.

Witnesses were interviewed and claimed Tawro and others were “s— talking,” and later, he pulled out a knife and said, “We can solve something right now.” A scuffle ensued and Tawro fled the scene with another juvenile, according to an affidavit.

A grand jury indicted Tawro on a criminal threatening charge.

The robbery charge was dismissed without prejudice in May 2023 and a month later, the criminal threatening charges were nolle prossed. A motion for services was requested for Tawro in August 2023 and the motion was sealed in October 2023.

Tarwo has also been previously arrested on theft and unlawful possession-intoxication charges as well as warrants.

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