Lucha Underground TV Results (7/1/2015)

Lucha Underground TV
Taped at “The Temple” of Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, California
Aired July 1, 2015 on El Rey Network
Report by John Moore and

The intro video this week was focused on Chavo’s fear of Mexico, and what drove him to betray the trust of El Dragon Azteca for the temptations of Dario Cueto. Chavo’s creepy and hilarious evil smile was included. Texano’s ongoing feud with Daivari was also a focal point of this week’s video package.

The actual show started in Dario Cueto’s office where he was counting money. Chavo walked into the office to cash in on his final request. Dario Cueto said he couldn’t remember which pissed Chavo off for a bit. Dario was joking of course, and he said that Chavo could have a No-DQ match against Prince Puma on this week’s episode. Dario Cueto added that he’d do anything for Chavo. Chavo said he wanted something done about Konnan and his cane. Cueto said that if Konnan interferes in the match, Chavo automatically gets the title. Chavo did his funny Evil Chavo smile as he left the office.

Mexican Dubweiser came back to the arena (M. Bison and all) after handing the reigns back to the Ryobacks for one week. Vampiro was so happy he was pointing his finger more than Sin Cara would. He was really pumped for the Drago vs. Hernandez feud brewing. Matt Striker said that many feuds were heating up leading up to Ultima Lucha including the Texano vs. DelaVar Daivari feud. “The Golden Warrior” was in the ring spitting Whiskey at people while he was flanked by Big Ryck. This prompted the crowd to chant “Golden Shower” at him. Texano came out through the babyface entrance for once as his awesome, in my opinion, theme played.

1. DelAvar Daivari vs. El Texano Jr. Texano wasted no time and brought the fight to Daivari on the onset. Daivari ducked outside after a backdrop and hid behind his human shield known as Big Ryck. Daivari snuck back in the ring and gained a little bit of an advantage. Texano hit a springboard splash on Daivari and got a nearfall. Ryck provided a distraction which allowed Daivari to chop block Texano. Daivari went on to target Texano’s left leg. Vampiro said that Texano was the longest reigning world champion in AAA (random fact: Texano beat Mil Muertes to get that title)

After softening up the left leg of “The blue collar hero” Texano, Daivari got a nearfall. Daivari distracted the ref so Ryck can sneak a punch in. Daivari locked in the Figure Four Leg Lock after Texano showed that he couldn’t stand due to the attack on his leg. Texano reversed the weight of the lock to force Daivari to break the hold. Throughout this match, Matt Stryker and Vampiro kept going over how they couldn’t really pronounce the name DelAvar Daivari.

Daivari used the corner turnbuckle to wrench on Texano’s left leg. Texano tried to escape, but Daivari laid a huge slap on the chest of Texano. Texano fought his way out with a front dropkick from the second rope. Both luchadores got up on their feet to beat the ten count. After a fairly even chest chop battle, Texano hit the Ruff Ryder leg lariat for the nearfall on Daivari. Texano lifted Daivari for the powerbomb, but Daivari hit the x Factor on him for the nearfall.

Daivari summoned Ryck who came to the ring apron with Texano’s bull rope. Daivari escaped the fireman’s carry from Texano sending him into Big Ryck. Texano dodged the bull rope punch and sent Ryck to the ground with a superkick. Texano lifted and hit the sitout powerbomb to defeat his rival Daivari.

Texano defeated DelAvar Daivari via pinfall in 6:15.

Texano quickly left the ring to avoid an attack from Daivari’s hired bodyguard…

Prince Puma was training backstage with Konnan advising him on Chavo. Konnan said that it ain’t nothing but a thang. Catrina teleported into the room and said that if Puma survived this ordeal, he was going to need all the help he could get because Mil Muertes was going to destroy anyone between him and his title at Ultima Lucha. Mil Muertes approached and stood face-to-face with Puma. The lights freaked out and Mil Muertes instant-transmissioned away which confused Puma a bit. Konnan said it was just mind games… [C]

Back from the break in a hidden part of the Temple, Konnan was conversing with a mystery figure who supposedly hates Chavo for disrespecting Mexico and Mexican heroes like Blue Demon Jr. Konnan said “that Chicken-Sh*t wouldn’t have the balls to ask for a match against Puma, unless he had a trick underneath his sleeve”. Konnan said that he was giving the green light to this mystery person who was supposedly Mexico, to have revenge against Chavo…

Back in the arena Hernandez strutted to the ring with his smug look. Drago 2.0 was his opponent, looking for revenge for costing him his title shot at Ultima Lucha… [C]

2. Hernandez vs. Drago. Hernandez tried to gloat with his muscles and got a cheap shot on Drago. Drago immediately kipped back up and stood face to face with the taller luchador. Drago attempted to sunset flip Hernandez, but the man wouldn’t budge. Hernandez lifted Drago but got hit by an enziguri. Drago punched Hernandez from the ring apron and hit a springboard dropkick on Drago. Drago grounded Hernandez with a sweep kick and hit him with a running senton. While Hernandez was seated after some kicks, Drago hit him with a front dropkick to have him lying down.

Hernandez ended the Drago onslaught with a buckle bomb, which prompted him to do his cocky strut. Matt Striker said that there might be some animosity against Hernandez from the locker room for hating on Mexico in favor of Texas. Hernandez grounded Drago with a backbreaker leading to a two count. Hernandez chopped Drago in the corner while rubbing Drago’s dragon horns in a mocking way. Hernandez caught a running Drago and hit a half-tilt-a-whirl side slam. Drago made a bit of a comeback but that comeback was thwarted by Hernandez’s boot. Drago managed to come back and hit Hernandez with the frankensteiner.

Hernandez was sent over the top rope after Drago dodged him. Drago then followed up with a tope. Hernandez tried to backdrop Drago, but Drago converted his momentum to get a springboard senton on Hernandez. Hernandez countered and hit the Boarder Toss on Drago on the ring apron. Hernandez grabbed a fan and ripped the belt right off his pants. Hernandez whipped Drago with said belt. It took a while, but Hernandez was finally disqualified after choking Drago with the belt.

Drago defeated Hernandez via DQ in 6:43.

The camera panned to the crowd where the fans looked ashamed of Hernandez for using such cheap tactics. Hernandez grabbed the mic and told the “dumbass” fans that Dragons weren’t real. he said their hero was just a man, and a man who just got his ass whooped. He said if you have a problem with that, he would whoop your ass too…[C]

Chavo was getting hype for his upcoming match and the lights freaked out again. Catrina teleported behind Chavo this time and said that Mil Muertes was going to destroy the man with the championship, even if it’s Chavo. Chavo was unfazed after Mil Teleported in and said he was going to meet them both at Ultima Lucha. Chavo walked away and Mil let out a demonic scream…

Back in the ring, Melissa Santos handled ring introductions as Marty the Moth flapped his wings while invading Melissa’s personal space like a creepy fanboy. I’m not sure why, but Marty looks like he gained a few pounds in his face since the last episode we saw him. Marty’s opponent was the AAA Mega Champion, Alberto El Patron. El Patron vs. Johnny Mundo was hyped for Ultima Lucha.

3. Marty “the moth” Martinez vs. Alberto El Patron. Alberto El Patron went right at Marty with punches and kicks not allowing Marty a glimpse of hope. Marty escaped for a bit with his own punches but only got kicked back. Marty got sent right into the turnbuckle. Afterwards Alberto El Patron locked in the Cross-Armbreaker for the quick submission victory.

Alberto El Patron defeated Marty “The Moth” Martinez via submission in 0:53.

After a quick celebration, Alberto grabbed the microphone. He told Los Angeles that El Patron was in the house! He then called out Johnny Mundo and said that he knew that Mundo was here and could hear him. He thanked Mundo for putting him through the window and awakening something inside Alberto (In Spanish) The Evil Alberto El Patron. He said that was the biggest mistake of Juanito Mundo’s life because Evil Alberto was crazy and sadistic. He then said that Mundo tried to disfigure the face that El Patron’s mother gave him. He then said that he was going to rip off Mundo’s face. He said that messing with El Patron wasn’t only the worst mistake Mundo has made, but his last, but “You already knew that!”…

4. Chavo Guerrero (w/ The Crew) vs. Prince Puma (w/Konnan) in a No-DQ match for the Lucha Underground Championship. Chavo was flanked by the living Crew guys, Mr. Cisco and Cortez Castro. Vampiro wondered where Bael was. Melissa Santos made sure to state that if Konnan interferes, Chavo would win the title. Vampiro acted extra pissed off because of course, he is always pissed off when Konnan is around.

Chavo taunted Konnan to try to get Konnan to hit him. After a lockup, Chavo hit a shoulder block. Puma got up immediately and got an armbar on Chavo. Chavo escaped, but faked a leg injury to distract the ref. He didn’t have to since it was no-DQ, and the Crew went on to attack Prince Puma. Konnan teased interfering, but only provided a distraction for Puma to recover, which of course pissed of Vampiro since it was Konnan.

The Crew brought the action back in the ring and hit their footstomp combo on Puma. The Crew held Puma into position for the frogsplash while he was selling his leg injury. Konnan called in Texano to clean house. Texano hit the sitout powerbomb on Mr. Cisco. Prince Puma went to the top rope and hit the 630 on Chavo for the pinfall victory.

Prince Puma defeated Chavo Guerrero via pinfall in 5:56 to retain the Lucha Underground Championship.

Prince Puma stood in the ring with his belt as Texano looked on from the steps. Texano had the mic and said that Mexico was coming for Chavo, and Mexico was right here (Wait? Doesn’t El Texano translate to “The Texan?”. So the Texan is Mexico, okay?). Chavo yelled in the ring and threw a mini-fit. Prince Puma and Texano stood together with the crowd as the show ended.

Then again… not quite yet! Chavo was angry in the locker room selling his leg injury. Blue Demon walked in to continue the feud that just won’t end and laughed. He said he wasn’t going to fight people already hurt. He said he was a good man unlike Chavo. Chavo taunted Blue Demon by saying that Texano was doing Demon’s dirty work. Chavo then said that Texano drew more of a pop than Blue Demon has ever had. He then called Texano Mexico and Demon was just a has-been from Miami. Demon started throwing Chavo around and said “YO SOY MEXICO CHAVO! YO SOY!”. Blue Demon walked out of the room as Chavo flashed an evil smirk to the camera signifying that he has gotten into the head of the legend, Blue Demon Jr. This closed the show officially.

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