Lucha Underground results: 'A Fenix to a Flame'

Season 3 — Episode 26: “A Fenix to a Flame”

The second round of the Cueto Cup began in violent fashion on the latest episode of Lucha Underground.

From man-on-woman violence in the first match to a stabbing in the closing match, this episode is not for the squeamish or faint at heart. Though not necessarily on the level of FMW, this show still had scenes unlike most anything else seen on any other current televised wrestling programming.

The overt violence worked to create a dramatic scene that closed the show, yet the violence of a man beating up a woman in the opening match continues a trend that could garner more criticism of Lucha Underground for such violent displays.

Nonetheless, Taya and Jeremiah Crane had a heated match to open the show. It was dramatic and action-packed, regardless of gender.

Jeremiah Crane defeated Taya to advance in the Cueto Cup

Taya gave Crane a hard slap at the outset. Crane in turn slapped her back and knocked her down. Crane did a sliding forearm baseball slide to the outside. He then sat Taya in a chair, ran around the ring to build up momentum, and mowed her down with a kick.

A moment later, Taya was able to escape his clutches. Taya then climbed atop a railing in the crowd, and she did a flying crossbody on to the floor.

Back in the ring, Crane cut her off only for Taya to hulk up soon thereafter. They traded chops and slaps, with Crane getting the better of the exchange. Taya countered an attempted Alabama slam to give him a piledriver.

Taya looked to rally, but Crane trapped her in a corner to give her a superkick. He followed that with a buckle bomb for a near fall. For the finish, Crane delivered a pump kick and executed the Cranial Contusion (double underhook piledriver) for the pinfall.

Sexy Star watched on from ringside during the closing moments. After the match, Sexy Star got in the ring to confront a prone Taya. Sexy Star took out a pair of brass knux and hit Taya with them to lay her out.

That was payback for Taya throwing the knux in the ring during Sexy Star’s match on the previous episode. The build continues for a match between the two down the line.

In a backstage scene, Fenix was training in the gym. Aerostar entered the scene and started a conversation that led to them lamenting Drago’s heel turn. Fenix felt that Drago would eventually turn on the Reptile Tribe, like he did once before. Aerostar had his doubts.

Aerostar also had doubts about Fenix winning his match later in the episode. Fenix assured him that he would indeed win. Aerostar gave him a thumbs up, but his body language showed he still seemed doubtful that Fenix would win.

Mil Muertes (w/ Catrina) defeated Paul London to advance in the Cueto Cup

On commentary, Matt Striker referenced ROH several times. He never mentioned the promotion by name, but he did talk about grueling matches that London had with Samoa Joe, Bryan Danielson, and others.

In this match, London and Muertes played cat-and-mouse. London kept getting caught and pummeled, yet he would rally into hope spots. Nevertheless, Muertes would cut off London and pummel him some more.

Members of the White Rabbit Tribe ran in twice to cause distractions. Both attempts were mostly unsuccessful, even if London was able to fire up. The first run-in allowed London to make a comeback, only for Muertes to practically maim him with a lariat. London was somehow able to fight back.

London jumped off the top rope with a double foot stomp, but Muertes still caught him seconds later to deliver a chokeslam for a near fall. That led into the second run-in by the Rabbit Tribe, allowing London to hit two separate shooting star presses. Muertes kicked out at two after subsequent pinning attempts.

For the finish, Muertes regrouped and speared London. Muertes then gave him the Final Beeps (flatliner) for the deciding pinfall. Afterwards, Catrina crawled on top of London to administer the Lick of Death.

During a scene in a bar, Texano was drinking beer when Beautiful Brenda approached him. She started flirting with him, so he bought her a drink. She went on to call him boring and dull. This angered Texano, and he shattered a bottle by squeezing it with his hand.

Brenda was suddenly impressed as she told Texano all he needed was a ”woman’s touch.” In the background, a smirking Famous B looked on as the scene ended.

Fenix defeated Marty “The Moth” Martinez (w/ Mariposa) to advance in the Cueto Cup

The backstory is Fenix and ring announcer Melissa Santos are romantically linked, while Marty the Moth remains infatuated with Santos. During the ring introductions for this match, Marty had a lunch box. He grabbed a sandwich and shoved it into Santos’ mouth. She was not happy, nor was she hungry.

As they began the match doing lucha spots, Mariposa interfered. That allowed Marty to gain an early advantage. Fenix fired up and did a running flip dive to the outside. Mariposa interfered again, allowing Marty to again dominate. He ripped at the mask of Fenix. When Marty rolled back into the ring, Mariposa attacked Fenix at ringside.

Marty got heat on Fenix, shining him up for an eventual comeback. When Fenix rallied, he got a near fall after he leapt off the top rope with a double foot stomp. After a double springboard off the ropes by Fenix missed its mark, Marty cut off Fenix. Marty lifted Fenix and drove him down to the mat with a Death Valley Driver for a two count.

Fenix once again began to rally. Mariposa went to throw the lunch box in the ring when Santos got involved. She blocked Mariposa from throwing in the lunch box. Meanwhile, Fenix countered Marty to roll through and cradle him for the pinfall.

Marty attacked Fenix after the match, and then he grabbed the lunch box. Marty ate a few snacks before he snatched a fork from the box. Channeling Abdullah the Butcher, Marty repeatedly stabbed Fenix with the fork.

Fenix bled as Mariposa held Santos hostage and made her watch the carnage. Marty kept stabbing Fenix with the fork, and Santos begged him to stop. Marty sadistically licked blood off the fork.

“This is for you,” Marty manically said to Santos. Marty also told Santos he loves her. The crowd chanted “creepy bastard” at him as the show closed.

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