Logan Paul: Training at WWE PC ‘might be something I have to do’

Logan Paul sounds as though he plans on spending more time in WWE. 

Following his defeat of Rey Mysterio for the United States Championship at Crown Jewel, Paul was asked by ESPN if the title win means he'll be on WWE shows more often. 

"I think I have to," Paul said of spending more time on WWE programming. "You're going to have to watch Raw. You're going to have to watch SmackDown. I'm going to make some surprise appearances and show these wrestlers who's the real king."

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"I have a bit of occupational ADHD," he continued. "So, wherever my attention goes, wherever the people are the most entertained. And at the moment, that is the WWE, and [I'm] just focused on building my brands and protecting this belt, keeping it around my waist."

Paul also told The Daily Mail after his win in Riyadh on Saturday that he's considering training at WWE's Performance Center in Orlando. 

"Imagine if I go to the Performance Center in Orlando and train with the best? I have access to the best resources. It might be something I have to do, I'm all about legacy, and perhaps my legacy is to be made to WWE," Paul said.  

"I'm so stoked that Triple H and the company believes in my like they do,' he added. 'Hopefully, I can make them proud and I know I will. He's super receptive to my ideas. I'm a content creator – keyword creator. I like to make stuff, I come up with ideas. When I pitch my ideas, he's all ears all the time."

"We bounce ideas off each other, we go back and forth and usually land on stuff that's pretty epic. It's super collaborative and I like that they give me the freedom to be who I am in their company."

Paul's performance at WWE Crown Jewel was addressed by our own Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez on Wrestling Observer Radio on Saturday. They noted that at one point during the match Mysterio was about to land head-first following a caperana, but Paul was able to catch him before he hit the mat. 

"(Paul) saved Rey's life once," Meltzer said. 

"He slid in on his knees to catch this guy and save his life," Alvarez said. "He did a hell of a job in this match."

"Rey really owes him some thanks on that one because Rey could have really been hurt on that move," Meltzer continued. 

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