Kolar’s Cry For Water Turns Specific: Send It Clean, After Bengaluru’s Treated Water Froths In District’s Tanks

India is facing an acute water crisis. There is a huge deficit of clean drinkable water in the country.A recent report byNITI Aayoghas highlighted the gravity of India’s water situation. According to the report, if no action is taken to address this, the demand for water would far outstrip its supply by 2030. In fact, even by 2020, it is expected that 21 Indian cities will run out of groundwater. In the coming days, Indiatimes will bring you the stories from across the country, focussing on the water bodies and the ground reality of the situation. The following is the first story:

When farmers in the arid Kolar district of Karnataka asked the state government to resolve the water woes in the region, little did they know that the solution would trigger a series of other problems.

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On July 19, farmers and environmentalists were in for a shock when the treated water used to fill Lakshmisagar Lake near Narasapur in Kolar district resulted in the formation of froth in the waterbody. Protests were staged and many even threatened to supply the foamy water to elected representatives in tankers.

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