James Storm Confirms Impact Wrestling Departure, Talks Partying w/ Ric Flair, Potentially Returning to WWE & More

As noted, “The Cowboy” James Storm will not be returning to Impact Wrestling, as his character was written off television at the last set of television tapings in a segment that is expected to air on January 4th. Last month Storm sat down with the Cerrito Live podcast discussing a multitude of topics, including a potential return to the WWE NXT brand, partying with Ric Flair and more. Check out the full hour-long show CerritoLive.com.

The hosts noted there were a few names in his goodbye speech at the Impact Wrestling tapings that may have been “frowned upon” by some people: 

“I have left Impact Wrestling. I just kind of felt like I did everything I can do with that company. The landscape of it has changed so much from the time that I was there. So many people want to frown upon Dixie [Carter] and Jeff [Jarrett] but the reason I thanked them and Bob Ryder is, basically if it weren’t for those guys there would be no ‘Cowboy’ James Storm. There might not be an AJ Styles, there might not be a Bobby Roode; there might not be these other guys who got the lucky break that Jeff gave us when he started up TNA Wrestling back in the day.” … “They always get crapped on for all the negative stuff that might go on, but they never get the praise for the good stuff that happened.”

What’s next for “The Cowboy” following departure from Impact: 

“Right now I’m taking it a day at a time. I’m spending a lot of time in the gym just getting into the best shape that I can. I’m down to 11% body fat right now, because you never know what’s right around the corner.”

On getting better at wrestling with age: 

“I learned a long time ago, you really don’t learn how to work until you get older. When you’re younger you think you know everything because you can do all these moves and stuff, but it’s not until you get older that you know how to work. You can ask anybody that’s been in the ring with me, I hold my old and I’m proud to say that I can work with anybody; any style.”

Would Storm return to WWE NXT or does he consider it “main roster or bust” at this point in his career:

“NXT is one of the hottest things going right now, no matter what people say. Anybody would be proud to sign with NXT and have a good run there, plain and simple. They’re doing just as much as the main roster is on the road right now. I’d definitely go and work with those guys and help them out the best that I can.”

On being the only non-WWE performer in attendance at Ric Flair’s “30-for-30” with ESPN:

“I got the text and the phone call the day of.” … “It was 10:30 in the morning here, and it’s a four hour drive from here to Atlanta plus traffic, so I had to leave literally as soon as I got off the phone. I grabbed some clothes, threw them in my trunk and I just hauled ass for Atlanta. I got dressed in my truck in the garage; that’s wrestling style for ya. I pulled my hair back, threw my hat on and I got there as soon as Flair and his wife Wendy were getting out of his limo.”

The dynamic of Flair’s “30-for-30” party since the “Nature Boy” has completely stopped drinking:

“He was still Flair. It was super cool just to go to his party. Nobody was drinking, in respect of Flair. I think a lot of people walked in to see what [Undertaker] was doing. If ‘Taker wasn’t drinking, nobody was drinking basically, is how it went down. Nobody was drinking, and the boys all paid their respects to him. Once that party got over, all the boys went to a different place for a different after party.”

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Cerrito Live Podcast

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