Jake Hager Talks Bellator Future, If He's Spoken To Vince Since Leaving WWE

Former WWE Superstar turned Bellator MMA fighter Jake Hager (Jack Swagger) recently appeared as a guest on the WINCLY Podcast for an in-depth interview. Featured below are some of the highlights.

On his mentality after his Bellator MMA debut fight: “I’m very excited for what the future holds. Being 1-0 after leaving a dream job at a big company [WWE], I feel pretty good. I feel vindicated and feel that I made the right decision…I’m thankful I have a great team around me and in about a week or so, we’re gonna get back in there for the two-a-days and the fight camp. It’s a really exciting time right now.”

On whether or not he has spoken to Vince McMahon since his Bellator MMA debut: “Yeah, he sent me a $10,000 check congratulating me. I tore it up and said ‘This is chump change, Vince.’ I sent him a video tearing up the check… I’m just kidding [laughs]. No we haven’t had a chance to speak, but telepathically I feel his well wishes.”

On if he and CM Punk have cleared the air: “No, I don’t think it’s one of those things where it needed to be cleared because in that message he wished me well. So it wasn’t that much of an issue. It is what it is. He had a great response as he always does. So, it’s not one of those things that needed to be cleared up.”

On how his training is going for his second fight: “This is my second full week practicing. I think we’re gonna do six days this week and add running to it. It’s a very addictive feeling getting your hand raised in there. Everyone says that beforehand, but until you get in there, you just don’t know.”

On how many times he plans on fighting in his MMA career: “I think I can commit to a little bit more than tho fights. I’m confident in what we’ve built and I’m confident I can have success as we move up the ranks. A loss here or something else and all that hard work is down the drain. Right now, I just wanna stay focused and stay to the routine that worked the first fight.”

Check out the complete Jake Hager interview from the WINCLY Podcast below.

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