Indian Consulate Burns After Armed Assault in Afghanistan

An attempt by armed men to storm the Indian consulate in Afghanistan on Friday resulted in a firefight with Afghan soldiers and India security forces that has left at least three people dead and parts of the building burned out from fire and smoke.

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According to Reuters, “a handful of heavily armed insurgents, including suicide bombers, launched the rocket propelled grenade and gun attack on the Indian consulate in Afghanistan’s western city of Herat hours before dawn.”

The Times of India reports that the men appeared to be making an attempt to seize the building and take hostages. Each of the attackers, according to the newspaper, “carried dry fruit packets that could help him survive two-three days. Apart from this each carried one AK-47 gun with under-barrel grenade launcher (UBGL), six magazines, 17 rocket propelled grenades and four hand grenades.”

“Had they gained entry, with such massive ammunition, they could have completely destroyed the consulate,” a senior security officer with Indian security told the Times.

Reuters adds:


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