Hulk Hogan asks for forgiveness on Good Morning America

By Dave Meltzer,

Hulk Hogan appeared on a taped segment of ABC’s Good Morning America today, and will also appear on Nightline, in an attempt to clean up his image a up his image after the reports of him making racial remarks in his 2006 sex tape were reported.

Hogan claimed he was at the lowest point of his life in 2006 when the tape was recorded, and was suicidal, that he had no idea he was being taped and was mat at his daughter over a situation involving her and her boyfriend at the time.

He claimed it was not a racist, that he was wrong to say it and is embarrassed by it, and claimed he used the n word based on the environment he grew up in in South Tampa and that he and his friends greeted people that way like it was nothing.  He did say he belives he inherited a racial basis based on that envronment and begged fans to forgive him.

They presented it like WWE had erased his entire career, which is not the case, and claimed he was removed from the WWE Hall of Fame.  While he was removed from the WWE web site, including his Hall of Fame profile, at last word WWE had not removed him from the Hall of Fame.

He was breaking down when he talked about how his daughter could have disowned him and didn’t, and said she showed him moore love than anyone.  He said he was mad at Brooke when he made the recording but she told him she’s not mad at him.

He said that just because someone makes a mistake, you don’t throw them away and again said it was at the lowest point of his life and it was years ago.

He wants to raise awareness of the impat that hate language can have and said he’s give his right arm to be back in pro wrestling.

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