Fuego Del Sol Shares Stories Of His Time In AEW, How AEW Paid Him While He Was Out Injured

Fuego Del Sol shares some of his favorite stories from his time in AEW.


The current free agent recently spoke with Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp about a variety of topics in an interview that will be released later this week. However, Fightful Select has released several notes from the chat, which you can check out below.

-Fuego described his challenging rehabilitation process after suffering an injury, which involved dealing with five broken bones in his foot. He explained that during a simple maneuver where he was on the top rope and came down for a dropkick he landed awkwardly on his foot. As part of the treatment, a screw was inserted into his foot, and he underwent extensive rehabilitation before its removal. Fuego mentioned being in a cast for over a month following the injury before he underwent surgery on March 7th and made his return to the ring on June 23rd.

Later, Fuego went on to speak about his close friend Sammy Guevara, giving him full credit for bringing him into AEW. He acknowledged that if Sammy hadn’t mentioned his name, he wouldn’t have had the opportunity to join AEW. The two have been friends since 2016. Fuego shared that Sammy had given his number to QT Marshall, who was responsible for booking extras at the time, and QT gave him a chance. Faced with a decision between his regular job and pursuing a career in wrestling, Fuego chose wrestling, taking a leap of faith in himself. Higher-ups at AEW had informed him of an opportunity there, which created some stress due to the pandemic and the uncertainty of not having a job. Nonetheless, Fuego expressed that he thrived professionally during this period.

Describing Sammy as his brother, Fuego emphasized their lifelong friendship. He discussed the events that led to his signing with AEW, highlighting the recognition he received for his hard work, dedication, and positive attitude. Fuego mentioned that The Young Bucks had liked him from the first day they met. He never viewed them solely as executives but as fellow wrestlers, fostering a strong relationship with them and seeking their advice when needed.

When AEW announced they were returning to touring, Fuego initially believed there might be something they didn’t like or see in him yet. Determined to make them realize his potential, he resolved to take the world by storm. His AEW TV debut came during the first episode of Rampage, where he faced Miro. Fuego mentioned that working with Miro was a positive experience and recalled feeling overwhelmed when he was told he would hit Miro with three DDTs during the match. After the match, while lying in the ring, AEW Referee Bryce Remsburg instructed Fuego to stay there during the commercial break. When Sammy’s music started playing, Fuego knew something better was about to happen. The memory of receiving the contract offer still gives him chills.

Discussing “Too Fast, Too Fuego,” Fuego revealed that it was entirely Cody’s creation, and he had no say in it. The show provided him with weekly bookings and vlog segments, allowing his character to grow and develop while increasing his status.

Fuego acknowledged his departure from AEW, recognizing that he wasn’t being utilized frequently and might have been lost in the shuffle. Anticipating this possibility, he began taking independent dates to remain active in case he received a call from AEW.

He ends his rant by saying that AEW supported Fuego by paying him, a move he found both respectful and professional.

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