Former WWE Diva Talks About Another Diva Refusing To Shake Her Hand

Former WWE Diva Jazz recently appeared as a guest on the Noonan Speaks podcast with Jimmy Noonan. Featured below are some of the highlights from the interview.

On the late Joanie “Chyna” Laurer refusing to shake her hand: I saw Chyna there one Monday and I never saw her there again. It was really weird because she was in a corner by herself. I had heard stories. Yeah, yeah, yeah… I didn’t really know, but out of respect to Chyna, I went and introduced myself and she didn’t even reach her hand out, extend her hand out whatsoever to try to shake my hand to say ‘hello’ or anything. And I was like, ‘whoa, okay… that was something new because in ECW, we were a family. Friday, Saturday, Sunday, we get to the building, we shake hands, we hug, we go, ‘hey, hey, hey’ every weekend. Friday, Saturday, Sunday, the first thing we do is shake hands and hug. That’s how we greet each other in ECW. And then, you get to WWE, you don’t know if you should speak. It’s a whole different world over there.”

On Trish Stratus liking to work with her because she made her finisher look good: “I mean, Trish loved for me to take her finisher. She was like, ‘oh my God, I love the way you take my finisher!’ Like, I might have took Trish Stratusphere, Trish this and whatever. She had the Stratus-every-damn-thing and I took them! The Stratusfaction, The Stratusphere, The Stratus-this, The Stratus-that!

“My job was to freaking go out there and make them look good. I’ve heard stories that Trish put me over about who actually gave her the credibility of being a legit f–king wrestler. Before I got there, she had some matches, but when I came, it totally went into a whole different gear. Like we turned it up like five notches.”

On Vince McMahon telling her she did a good job with her first pay-per-view match against Trish Stratus: “I remember my first pay-per-view match with Trish, and, at the time, they were still putting me up in the office hotel, as we’d call it. The office would stay at a hotel and the talent would get their own rooms elsewhere. You don’t want to be at the same hotel as the office. So anyways, I’m staying at the hotel where Vince and everyone is staying. And I’m standing there waiting in line to get to the counter to get my room and Vince and Linda walked in. And Vince shakes my hand. He’s like, ‘kid, great freaking job. That was awesome match tonight.’ And I was like, ‘holy moly! Vince McMahon just shook my hand and gave me a compliment!’ So that alone right there, that’s a standout moment alone right there as far as WWE goes.”

On her relationship with Stephanie McMahon: “Stephanie was someone I looked to as… she was a woman. I looked to her as someone I could go to, to talk to, where maybe she could understand me as far as being a woman in a male dominant business. So I don’t know. I’m the type of person, I just feel like I can talk to anybody. Like, everybody puts their pants on the same way I put mine on, one leg at a time. So I never looked at them like God, Jesus, or that, but I respected them because they were the bosses. But I would go up to Stephanie and say, ‘hey, what’s up, Steph? Yada, yada, yada. Whatever.'”

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