Former Real Madrid Doctor Says Bale Is The Best Athlete He's Worked With And Not Ronaldo

As far as former Real Madrid doctor Jesus Olmo is concerned, Gareth Bale is the best athlete he’s ever seen, as per Mirror. 

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Bale and Ronaldo are both physically fit and Olmo believes the former would do well in any sport.


“Perhaps the best athlete I’ve ever seen is Bale. Gareth Bale is a natural athlete who can excel in practically any sport,” Olmo told Ideal back in 2020. 

“He has incredible athletic skills, and I would also say technical skills. He is the one who impressed me most in all aspects,” Olmo added. 

Olmo rates Bale’s physique above that of Ronaldo. 


That is saying a lot as Ronaldo is considered the fittest footballer at the moment. 

Of course, Olmo knows what he is talking about, having worked with them both during their stints at Real Madrid.

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