FIFA World Cup: Portugal vs Uruguay – Bruno Fernandes Believed Cristiano Ronaldo Had Scored 1st Goal

Bruno Fernandes believed Cristiano Ronaldo had scored Portugal’s opener in their 2-0 win over Uruguay though he got the credit for it, as per AFP. 

Fernando’s cross flew straight in but Ronaldo almost made contact.

Fernandes scored one more from the penalty spot after Uruguay committed a handball. 

Portugal have entered the last 16.


“I celebrated as if it had been Cristiano’s goal, it seemed to me that he had touched the ball, my aim was to cross the ball for him,” he said.

“What’s important is that we were able to go to the next round and (secure) a very important win against a very tough opponent,” he added. 

“We know we will find a very organised team in front of us with a huge skill-set, as we’ve seen in their last matches,” added Fernandes. 


“We’ve played at different times and that has allowed us to watch South Korea play. Our objective is to win every match, and we have one ahead of us,” he went on to say. 

“I think it’s the result of the team’s work,” said Portugal coach Fernando Santos. 

“If the team does not play well then the player himself will not have a good performance. I think in the first two games, the team has played well. Diogo Costa saved two important shots, so I don’t think we should be focusing on individual players,” Santos added. 

Portugal face South Korea on December 2.

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