Evan McMullin: ‘We’ve got a lot more work to do’

Evan McMullin, who had mounted his own presidential bid, kept tabs on the results from his Salt Lake City watch party.

McMullin, a former GOP adviser, had launched a long shot presidential bid as an alternative to President Trump. Despite the long odds, McMullin was hopeful about his performance in Utah, given Trump’s deep unpopularity there. 


Trump ultimately carried McMullin’s home state, where the former CIA operative came in third.

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Like many who attended his party at a concert-style venue, he expected Clinton to win, with Republicans faced on Nov. 9 with the task of rebuilding their party after Trump’s defeat.

McMullin said attendees at the party, including himself, were “concerned” — he recalled seeing fear in the eyes of some campaign workers. But even with the disappointment, McMullin said Trump’s victory emboldened his efforts to continue challenging Trump.

“There was a feeling that I had that ‘OK, buckle up, this is going to continue and we’ve got a lot more work to do.’ ”


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