Estelon’s New Aura Loudspeaker

Estelon’s new entry-level Aura loudspeaker ($19,900/pair) is as notable for its sound and unique design as for its departure from premium pricing. Every driver in the Aura, from the Scanspeak 1″ soft-dome tweeter to its two 5″ SB Acoustics mid-woofers and 10″ Faital woofer, is new.

Allied with the excellent Moon 860A v2 monoblocks that I’ve reviewed; Moon 740P preamp; Moon 820S external power supply; dCS’s superb Rossini CD/SACD transport, which JA1 reviewed; dCS Rossini Apex DAC with Rossini Master Clock, all of which I’ve reviewed; and Crystal and Siltech cabling, the Estelon Aura sounded quite fine with a strong midrange.

Why I did not take note of the music I was listening to during my visit is anyone’s guess. Perhaps I couldn’t find it on my music identifier app. That was certainly the case with some of the German pop and traditional music tracks I encountered during the show.

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