EC3 reveals positive COVID-19 test

EC3 has confirmed that he has tested positive for COVID-19.

He revealed his positive diagnosis to Chris Van Vliet. As a result, he will not be a part of Ring of Honor’s Final Battle event this Friday.

“I’ve been quarantined for a week to 10 days,” he told Villet. “At this point, I have covid, and I’m at the tail end of it. It sucked a little bit. Some of it wasn’t bad. I’m healthy so I was fortunate. It infected my parents who were visiting me, whoops, so they had to stay longer so I’ve had no alone time.”

“I would say I’m at 90%,” he continued.”This is the tail end of it. I’ve had none of the respiratory issues. It felt like the flu and a moderately bad cold some of the time.”

Others that have been removed from this weekend’s event include Bandido, Flamita, and Kenny King.

EC3 made his debut for ROH several weeks ago, starting a feud with Jay Briscoe. After refusing to look him in the eye and extending his hand to adhere to the Code of Honor, Briscoe was DQ’d in after refusing to take his foot off EC3’s throat, angry that EC3 wouldn’t look at him.

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