Druid City Brewing Company Raising Funds For New Kitchen

TUSCALOOSA, AL — Druid City Brewing Co. has steadily grown and endured over the years, with the beloved brewery looking to add a new kitchen and needing the public’s help to do so.

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In an effort to shore up funds for culinary addition, an online fundraiser has been launched with a goal of raising $10,000. As of the publication of this article, $1,317 had been raised from 11 donors.

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The local brewery has carved out a well-respected niche over the years, regularly cooking for nonprofits and hosting community-oriented events.

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However, with the brewery buildout at its new location, the business is still feeling the financial pinch from the COVID-19 pandemic and an unexpected tax bill from an audit by the Alabama Alcoholic Beverage Control Board.

Hicks said it’s obviously difficult to ask for donations, but was recently encouraged by supporters who want to see the business continue to provide a sense of community for many.

Hicks said any funds will be used to open the brewery’s new kitchen, without causing any impact to employees.

“I was really encouraged at the Wanda show,” he told Patch. “With our team, we have tried to foster a community and be supportive. We’re going to be able to give our guys more hours and make sure they don’t lose benefits or anything.”

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Once the kitchen is operational, Hicks said it would provide a kind of limited specialty menu, in addition to still smoking meats for special occasions year round.

This new menu will include favorites such as BBQ nachos, along with flatbread pizzas, Cuban sandwiches and Conecuh Sausage. Hicks said they also hope to offer gluten free and vegetarian options “with a little bit of flare” to them.

“We have some ovens on order,” Hicks said. “And we’ll have things beer cheese and pulled pork. I had a friend tell me ‘you don’t have to have a Cheesecake Factory menu. It’s something that will help us grow.”

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