Doctors In Hyderabad Remove Gigantic Kidney Carrying 20 Litres Of Waste

Doctors at the Asian Institute of Nephrology & Urology (AINU) have successfully removed a ‘gigantic kidney’ carrying 20 litres of fluid waste or urine. This expanded left kidney was almost 90 centimetres in diameter, causing compression of other vital organs in the patient’s body.


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Neglected pain for almost 10 years  

A 47-year-old male from West Godavari region of Andhra Pradesh suffered frequent pains and gradually increased abdominal swelling for the past 10 years. While the condition was neglected for almost a decade, the swelling increased in recent months, causing acute abdominal pain. This prompted the patient to approach doctors at AINU.

The doctors planned the treatment process meticulously and executed it with great expertise to ensure the best output and avoid the risk of potential hemodynamic instability.


Was affecting other vital organs

“The patient in the recent times suffered from regular bouts of acute abdominal pain and along with progressive decline in appetite. On admission at AINU, necessary tests revealed the patient was suffering from an enlarged and non-functioning left kidney. Patient had an enlarged abdomen due to accumulation of fluid waste or urine in the non-functioning left kidney. This enlargement resulted in dislocation of intestine and other vital organs from their natural locations,” said Dr Syed Mohd. Ghouse, Senior Consultant Urologist, AINU. 

The doctors performed nephrectomy, a surgical procedure to remove the kidney. About 20 litres of fluid waste or urine was aspirated from the dilated or enlarged left kidney.

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Patient requires post-care too

The procedure to remove such an enlarged kidney is a skilful surgical process which requires good post-operative management, too, explained Dr Ghouse.

The patient was kept under observation for three days before discharge, and even post-discharge, he has been under regular review of the team of experts from AINU.

Doctors stated that the patient’s condition is improving rapidly, and he can now eat normal food and gain a healthy weight. In this procedure, Dr Ghouse was ably supported by Dr Rajesh and Dr Amish, along with nursing and support staff members.

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