Conflicting Report Regarding Mercedes Moné Ceasing Talks With WWE

The latest news on Mercedes Moné was that her talks with WWE had come to a halt and that she was most likely AEW bound. Fightful Select released news shortly after Christmas confirming as such, with many believing that The CEO could pop up in AEW at anytime, even at this past Wednesday’s Dynamite, which did not happen.


However, PW Insider released a report today that conflicts with Fightful’s report. IT SHOULD BE KNOWN THAT INSIDER’S REPORT CONTAINS INFORMATION FROM BEFORE CHRISTMAS.

According to Insider, communications between WWE and Mercedes have “opened up” and they are pushing to get the former Sasha Banks to return. It is cited that with Triple H in charge and the new creative direction of the women’s division WWE does believe they could get her back. One source felt confident that Mercedes would be back in WWE, but noted that “until a contract is signed nothing is for sure.”

When looking at the two reports side-by-side it appears that Mercedes did indeed have talks with WWE, but that AEW made a significant offer that sparked her interest. Regardless of where she ends up the former women’s champion hopes to make a big splash in 2024.

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